Matt Pike Signature Woodrite Warlord

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Immerse yourself in the intense realm of the Riff Child himself, Matt Pike, the creative force behind Sleep, High on Fire, and Pike vs. The Automaton…

Woodrite Guitars, in collaboration with Lace Pickups, proudly presents the Matt Pike Signature Woodrite Warlord—a guitar forged from the savage depths of Pike’s creative prowess.

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Introducing the Matt Pike Signature Woodrite Warlord

In three striking burst finishes, this formidable instrument boasts a bound mahogany body and neck, maple cap, and ebony fingerboard. It houses a set of three powerful USA Lace Matt Pike Signature “Firespitters” humbuckers, alongside TonePros hardware, and Grover Imperial tuners.

The bound fingerboard is adorned with custom “Serpent Sun” inlays, designed by High on Fire artist Jordan Barlow. With jumbo stainless steel frets built to withstand years of riffing, this guitar is prepared for a lifetime of intense use and punishment.

Available in both right and left handed models, the package is completed with a fitted Woodrite Guitars hardshell case.  All guitars are setup in Matt’s preferred tuning of C-Standard with 12-54 strings.

This signature Warlord serves as a testament to Matt Pike’s unwavering musical dominance.  Brace yourself for the imminent sonic onslaught…

About the Lace Matt Pike Signature “Firespitters” 3-Pickup Configuration

“Our goal in designing the Matt Pike Signature Firespitters was to create a set of humbuckers that perfectly complemented Pike’s aggressive playing style and contributed to his signature metal tone. We began by incorporating a mix of proprietary ceramic magnets, barium ferrite magnets, and impossibly fine gauge copper wire wound on our patented Micro Matrix Comb bobbins. Our aim was to achieve a high-output, aggressive-when-you-want-it, articulate-when-you-need-it set of humbuckers suitable for the heavy and dynamic sound associated with Matt’s playing style.

The addition of a middle humbucker expands the power of the set exponentially, giving the player a portion of the formidable power that Matt Pike himself commands for their own instrument. The meticulous craftsmanship and direct collaboration with Matt Pike on the design showcase our commitment to delivering a visually and sonically distinctive premium product tailored to Matt Pike’s aesthetic and tonal specifications.” – Gabriel Freeman, Lace Pickups

3-Way Toggle Switch Settings

Treble: Bridge Pickup

Middle: Bridge, Middle, and Neck Pickups

Rhythm: Neck and Middle Pickups



  • Body Shape – Warlord Double Cut
  • Body Orientation – Left / Right Handed
  • Body Material – Mahogany
  • Top Material – Maple
  • Binding – White / Cream
  • Finish – Crimson Burst / Antarctican Burst / Cherry Sunburst
  • Clearcoat – Gloss Polyurethane


  • Material – Mahogany
  • Binding – Yes
  • Truss Rod Cover – Matt Pike’s Signature (not pictured)
  • Nut Width – 1.69″
  • Profile – 0.800″ at 1st Fret, 0.875″ at 12th Fret, Medium “C” profile
  • Scale Length – 24.75″
  • Fingerboard Material – Ebony
  • Fretwire – Jumbo Stainless Steel
  • Inlays – Matt Pike “Serpent Sun” Inlays designed by High on Fire Artist Jordan Barlow
  • Fingerboard Radius – 12″
  • Number Of Frets – 22


  • Finish – Chrome
  • Bridge – TonePros Tune-O-Matic
  • Tailpiece – TonePros Stop Bar
  • Tuning Machines – Grover Imperial
  • Pickguard – None
  • Pickup Rings – Black
  • Control Knobs – Black Top Hats w/ Reflectors
  • Switch Tip – Black
  • Jack Plate Cover – Chrome


  • Neck Pickup – Lace Matt Pike “Firespitters” Neck – 14.6 kohm
  • Middle Pickup – Lace Matt Pike “Firespitters” Middle – 17.8 kohm
  • Bridge Pickup – Lace Matt Pike “Firespitters” Bridge – 23.4 kohm
  • Magnets: Mixture of Lace proprietary Barium Ferrite and Ceramic magnets.
  • Windings: Lace Micro Matrix Bobbins that redirect the magnetic field into smaller, tighter loops. This creates a ‘monopole’ effect, and eliminates dead zones over the surface of the pickup.
  • Controls – 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch


  • Tuning – C-Standard (C, F, A#, D#, G, C)
  • Strings – D’Addario EXL145 (.012, .016, .020p, .032, .042, .054)
  • Weight – Approximately 10.0lbs
  • Case – Hard Shell Fitted Case Included
  • Built in Indonesia by PT Wildwood (PRS, ESP)

3 reviews for Matt Pike Signature Woodrite Warlord

  1. Chad Brack (brackforce)

    The bottom line is that this guitar is killer. The fit and finish is absolutely flawless, and it arrived in perfect condition. The inlays look amazing, the neck is smooth and fast, and the crimson burst is such a great color. It’s also nice to get a Woodrite branded case, too. I already own a gold burst Warlord and a Switchblade, so I knew what to expect, and I’m not disappointed AT ALL. These guitars are just as good or better than my USA-made Gibsons and PRS. The Firespitter pickups are very different from the Woodrite Barbarians, which is awesome for me because I have ample reason to play both guitars now. The Firespitters are very hot and dark but maintain clarity and crush my pedals/amp. The middle position is so thick and heavy. It just kills. If DiD does another run of these, get one before they sell out, even if you already have a Warlord. You’ll be glad you did.

  2. Pedro

    This is thee guitar from hell.
    I’m going to keep this short .
    It’s a phenomenal beast of a guitar and is incredibly versatile.
    It’s an incredible weapon of doom but also a very versatile guitar when switching between the massive earth shattering tones with the Pikester Firespitter pups you get a load of tones when you dial back on tone & vol. I’ve found these “ Hell on Earth pups are incredibly versatile.
    I want another one.
    Just buy one of these – for this price tag you’d be insane not to.
    I can’t believe you get this fuckin beast for the price tag,

    Thanks so much Steve, Matt & all involved.

    Pedro Howse GZR

  3. Tom Seckel (verified owner)

    Good things first: this guitar feels and plays incredible, finish and fretwork was flawless, action was perfect out of the box, intonation was spot on, and the flame top is beautiful, the upgraded tuners are stable and smooth. I have wanted a DC style guitar since I saw the masto-bros and Matt playing them in 2011(?). This guitar is underpriced for the quality and I would buy it again.
    The cons for me:
    – The pickups and wiring are the biggest challenge I have, the neck and middle position are incredibly muddy (clean, gained up etc), almost like there is a mid frequency scooped out. It sounds almost like the tone knob is rolled off. The signal is so intense you have to roll the volume back to 2-4 if you are playing into anything that doesn’t have infinite headroom or you will start clipping. This all may be by design with lace, but it feels like neck and middle are either warm-fuzz only positions and a missed opportunity for a 3 pickup guitar.
    – Issues with the wiring – after playing it for a few weeks the neck position randomly stopped working and there is barely any signal coming through. Not sure if its the switch or the harness – going to have to take it to a tech to fix.
    – 7th and 9th inlays arrived split through the middle of them. Can see it happened in the factory and was glued and sanded down, aesthetic only, but it’s annoying to see every time you look at the fretboard.
    Overall I still love this guitar, despite the limitations of the pickups and QC issues from the factory. Incredible value for what you get. Thanks for making this possible, Steve!

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