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Behold, an inverted exorcism of scorching sonic terrorism, as bones pound and sculpt torrid lands of sand.

Baghdad stands as tribute to Matt Pike’s early-era High on Fire guitar tone, capturing the searing power of the High Gain Channel from a Soldano SP77 preamp driving a bludgeoning Green Matamp GT120 amplifier.

A collaboration with Nick Williams of the mighty Dunwich Amplification.

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Within the forgotten sun of Baghdad, a firestorm of sound blazes forth, its smoke swirling with scorpion-like incantations, birthing a feral Impaler…

Each vacuum tube gain stage of the SP77 High Gain Channel has been meticulously transformed into an op-amp gain stage, faithfully emulating its frequency and gain response. The preamp circuit boasts controls for Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence, conjuring a savage symphony of tonal brutality.

The emulation of the Green Matamp GT120 circuit has been distilled to two essential controls: Drive and Depth. Drive infuses additional distortion and overdrive, while Depth shapes the frequency cutoff, a primal passage to the barbaric dominions of the otherworld.

Once again, we confront the vulgar vulture of Babylon, a sweltering spike that punctures the familiar head.

The combination of the GT120 controls, in harmony with the SP77 preamp section, unlocks a vast sonic palette, spanning from tight and percussive to a low-end heavy, almost fuzz-like response, as a single Volume control governs its merciless output.

This formidable circuit draws its power from an internally generated bipolar ±9V power supply, providing ample headroom and signal swing. Yet, it remains modest in its power requirements, as it only necessitates a standard center-negative +9V 100mA power supply.

Immersed in a desert-dwelling abyss, this device of doom emerges, wielding an ancient flail, casting shadows of terror and foreboding.

Within the realm of fetid ivory, timeless wails echo through eternity, veiling these hymns of secrecy that guard the haunted siege of history, forever etched in their spectral embrace.


Treble:  Adjusts the high-frequency response of the SP77 preamp.
Middle: Adjust the mid-frequency response of the SP77 preamp.
Bass: Adjusts the low-frequency response of the SP77 preamp.
Pres: Adjusts the upper high-frequency response of the SP77 preamp.
Volume: Adjusts the overall output level of the pedal.
Gain: Adjusts the level of gain applied to the signal in the SP77 preamp emulation.
Depth: Adjusts the frequency cutoff for a high-pass filter in the GT120 emulation.
Drive: Adds additional GT120 distortion and overdrive.  Set this control at 0 to remove the GT120 emulation from the circuit.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel. An isolated power supply is recommended. Power supply not included.


  • Eight-knob high gain preamp for downtuned guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knobs, Alpha pots, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 3.6875” x 2.375”
  • 13.9oz



22 reviews for Baghdad

  1. Paul Ver Izor (verified owner)

    This thing crushes, I have a myriad of preamps but this one is just huge and thick sounding without that ‘boofing’ low-end that ruins mixes when you want to make the bass frequencies roar.

    Running this into either tube or solid state poweramps yield fantastic, gnarly high gain bliss. The controls are responsive and over all it feels so good to play.

  2. Jason

    This pedal delivers all the doom you could ask for. It’s thick, mean, and aggressive.

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    Literally (and I mean it) one of the best guitar pedals I’ve ever played. Absolutely crushing ton, it’s of versatility. Live out your fantasy of playing Matt pike’s rig in your bedroom and blow the Sheetrock off the studs with this thing.

  4. Darren Rowlands (verified owner)

    I purchased the Baghdad as soon as I heard Steve’s demo! I use it as my main distortion pedal for 1 of my black thrash bands “Hand of Omega”. With my Matamp and Orange amps the pedal delivers exactly the right tone for my needs and without diming the pedal and the amp. I’ve also had some great success with it in front of a digital pedal amp for those fly by shows… only thing I need to make people aware of is VAT gets added here in the UK with it being imported and was about £60, but shipping was mega quick and slick! Awesome pedal and delivers tone for days…

  5. Joe j (verified owner)

    This pedal is a beast! It’s great on its own and pairs unbelievable well with other pedals. I’ve gotten so many tones from it , I can’t stop the riffs

  6. Marc

    Gut wrenching, rib splitting sounds from this gem of a pedal. DID quality as per usual.

  7. Dylan Hardy (verified owner)

    Love this pedal, its my go to with distortion and delivers the most bowel shattering tones. My top pedal on my current rig. Shipped fast, everything I wanted and more.

  8. Billy (verified owner)

    I don’t even play heavy music very often, but I know I had to get a beefy pedal for distortion. No matter what I’m playing, this pedal just sounds ridiculously good. Definitely looking forward to the rest of their lineup.

  9. Jim Little (verified owner)

    The Baghdad is my 7th pedal from Does It Doom… and it’s my favorite! This thing is a masterpiece… the blood red colorway… the artwork… AND it completely hides my lack of talent with crushing audio savagery!!! Does It Doom pedals stand alone among ALL pedals… they’re the BEST!!!

  10. Phil Bender (verified owner)

    Brings the brutal exactly as advertised. Instant thick tone, love it. Fast shipping too. My 1st pedal from “Does it Doom” and I look forward to checking out more!

  11. Dirk Tucker

    I’ve got a boss katana mk2 so i only have a few pedals but this is one of em!! and it’s awesome. I’m only 3 yrs in on guitar so I’m still learning lots of metallica, sabbath, priest, high on fire licks, ect. lots of available tones in this pedal.

  12. Aaron (verified owner)

    I’m using it primarily with a bass, and it crushes! Still maintains the low end while mangling the tone perfect.

  13. Tim (verified owner)

    High on Fire in a box! My favorite pedal. I like the tones from this over my Klirrton Grindstein. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  14. Kevin

    Very happy with the pedal. Not the best for thrashing in my opinion and wish there was a little more versatility but my critiques end there. Super aggressive, meaty sound but still clear, compressed and sounds great live in a band. Is this pedal for everyone? No. But I am glad I bought and if you’re on the fence, I’d recommend the purchase.

  15. Dan Kosmider

    An absolute beast. Steve and his crew NAILED Lord Pikes early tone! I feel like mini Matt when playing some H.O.F. through this thing.

  16. Scott (verified owner)

    I started playing guitar after seeing HoF open for EYEHATEGOD during the Art of Self Defense tour… and I’ve been chasing that tone ever since. The Soldano side of this has much better warmth than Soldano’s SLO pedal or the Mini (I reckon better jfets), also better range to the controls. So yes, you can cut out MATAMP side & get your Mick Mars on. That said, the MATAMP side of this is what makes this pedal gold. That wooly fuzz undertone of the first two HoF albums is so hard to get. Run a fuzz before a preamp, it’s too heavy. Run one a fuzz in the fx loop… it sounds like crap. Figuring out the MATAMP power amp side is work of genius.

    Lastly, there was a very, minor problem with the first pedal I ordered (that didn’t impact the functionality). Steve immediately sent me a replacement & ate the shipping cost. Thanks again.

  17. Nick Mendonsa

    Quickly becoming my favorite distortion pedal, and I think it’s more versatile than people realize. All of the tone shaping parameters are voiced in ranges that I actually like; the biggest impediment to me sticking with other distortion pedals are the ranges their tone and eq knobs cover. This is the rare pedal where everything is tuned usefully. It also takes pedals well (I like hitting it with both a good K-style and an Ionostrofear clone). I’m only a part time doomer, I wear a lot of musical hats, and I have limited space and budget, so versatility is a premium. This pedal really can get as tight and aggressive or thick and fuzzy as you want. It even does medium gain 70’s lead tones well. You can roll back the treble and use it in smoother modern jazz settings. You can put it in front of any amp and make it sound good. Just buy it.

  18. Shane (verified owner)

    I just got my Baghdad preamp pedal. I only have a little over hour of playing time on it. It definitely dose what it says It will do, This is crazy loud , tons bottom end, lots of dirty sounds but also stays very articulate, and a lot of adjustability to get whatever tone your looking for. not just high on fire tone, but a stand alone tone I think . running it through effect loop as it’s a preamp, Sound the best. The Build quality is great , love the soft switching. Art work is cool. I had a little hard time reading the fonts on control knobs , but it’s still very cool. Definitely a pedal to look into.

  19. Matt S (verified owner)

    I recently bought the Baghdad after watching a bunch of different reviews on YouTube, all of which gave this thing stellar reviews. And so they should. This has been my go-to fuzz/distortion since the day I got it. It’s fantastic. It took about 10 seconds for me to fall in love with it. One thing other people aren’t mentioning is that it has a wide range of tones– for instance, if you dial it back, you get a fantastic Tube Screamer sound that is perfect for the blues. And if you crank it, you will blow away every other heavy metal pedal out there. Maxed out, it is tight and it screams. I mostly leave it right in the middle, to get a nice warm classic fuzz tone that is just right for what I’m doing. But when I’m jamming with my friends, sometimes it gets cranked–and it’s perfect in its anger and fury. I can summon Sabbath or modern metal with just a twist of a couple knobs. Before it arrived, I worried that I might have overpaid, now I think I’ve underpaid. I am playing guitar for hours a day now, the Baghdad lit a fire in me. And it sounds so good, my wife isn’t even complaining.

  20. Jim (verified owner)

    Pretty much what all the other reviews say is true. Been playing it through an Orange crush and a 5150 both sound amazing. This is the first custom type pedal I’ve had and I got to say I don’t think I’ll be going back to mainstream pedals anytime soon.

  21. Steve T (verified owner)

    This is my fourth from DiD, and it may very well be my favorite. Just an amazing raw distortion that plays real well with my Mesa head. Sustain forever and ample amounts of gain. I’m still early experimenting but so far this one may have wow’s me more than any other. Thank you again!

  22. Michael S (verified owner)

    I’m thoroughly impressed with the Baghdad. I am using this directly into the effects loop return on my Orange Super Crush 100, and it sounds phenomenal. It’s extremely versatile, despite it trying to doggedly mimic Matt Pike’s HoF sound. Most notably, the EQ of the Soldano side is very impactful in tone-shaping, which was wonderful to hear. I would love to see an expanded version of this that could turn on and off the Soldano side, leaving just the Matamp preamp side running, but as-is, I’m really enjoying this pedal and don’t regret the purchase one bit.

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