Elder God

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The heavens bleed and frail bones rattle; Sky’s electric ritual summons the Elder God of Battle.

Give rise to a crushing parallel blend of a modern high gain silicon Fuzz Face with the pummeling low end of a Green Russian Big Muff.

Based on a circuit design originally developed by Nick Williams of the mighty Dunwich Amps and Chris Couzens of Belfast-based doom overlords Slomatics.

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Incarnate brutality blares a pagan call… Enter the grand barbarian born of dark cloud and immortal skull.

The Elder God blends a high gain silicon Fuzz Face in parallel with a low passed Big Muff.  The outputs of the two fuzz circuits are blended together and adjustable from 100% Fuzz Face to 100% low-passed Big Muff, where the overall gain of both circuits is controlled via a single fuzz setting and the post-blend volume is set via a master volume.

The silicon Fuzz Face is high gain with emphasis on the mid-range.  The treble content is sufficient to provide clarity but smoothed out enough to avoid being overly harsh.

The two traditional gain stages of the low pass filtered Big Muff are based on the v7 Green Russian circuit, which is lower gain and less compressed, with more emphasis on low end.  The standard muff tone control has been set to its darkest setting to maintain emphasis on bass response.

A bludgeoning fuzz on both downtuned guitar and bass, the Elder God features a buffered input so you can place it anywhere in your signal chain.

Defender of doom forever wields eternity’s endless sword; sound massacre of meat and muscle now reap the timeless reward.

Sunder, hack, pillage and plunder… Conquer all unworthy lest their blood ever drought!


Battle: Post-blend master volume.
Doom: Blends the high gain Fuzz Face and a low passed Big Muff.
Fuzz: Overall gain of both fuzz circuits.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel. An isolated power supply is recommended. Power supply not included.


  • Battle Doom Fuzz for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knobs, Alpha pots, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz



29 reviews for Elder God

  1. Noah Dooms

    Finally an all in one pedal that captures the battle doom sound!! This thing has undoubtably one of the most aggressive fuzz sounds I’ve ever played, straight up Conan style. It’s also got this fantastic doom blend knob that can really thicken up the tone, and gets some really great drone tones. For DoesitDoom’s first multi knob pedal, they really nailed it. The multi tonal options are amazing. The Elder God also records fantastically!! There’s one more aspect of this pedal I can not forget to mention, the artwork is straight up sick!!!

  2. Al C. (Not Cisneros. Sorry.)

    Does it Doom, Nick Williams, Slomatics…if you’re on this site you likely already know the weight of those names. Need I say more? If you’re not convinced by that alone I’ve only used this on bass and I was immediately impressed. Every setting throughout the whole range of the blend sounds fantastic. The lowest frequencies shine through with clarity on the muff side with the warm woolly gain of the Russian. The other way gives you full Meathead tone that you love from bands like Conan and Slomatics. Dead center you get that nasty fuzz with the low end clarity still coming through. While it excels at burly ass doom it’s capable of less extreme tones that fit nicely covering the low end of my hard rock band. It’s more versatile (out of setups big and small) than you’d expect!

  3. Zach J (Fuzzed Drones)

    This pedal did not disappoint . It’s thick , tight sounding and sound great on bass as well. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this one . All and all it was well worth the wait .

  4. Michael. Allegedly…

    This pedal is most certainly a gift from the old gods straight outta Tonehalla. The power behind its circuitry is unparalleled and holds no rival. The Elder God Pedal is brutally pummeling yet savage and visceral with just half a rotation of the “Doom” knob. You’re not ready for this much power. But, fuck it! You really didn’t need the foundation of your home or the teeth you’ll rattle out of your skull. So go ahead. Treat yourself to pure tonal bliss and destroy everything around you.

    Yea. It fuckin dooms. Do it.

  5. Randy M

    This pedal is an absolute battleaxe of a fuzz. It sounds every bit as good as it looks. The shipping was super fast and the quality is unparalleled with anything else I own.

  6. Beerpong

    This pedal is killer. Brutal heavy tone in a small package.

  7. Chad Brack

    This is the pedal I didn’t know I needed. I bought it as soon as I got the email notification for its release. After a week with the Elder God, I can honestly say that it’s impossible to get a bad tone, no matter what you do to the knobs. It sounds awesome at literally every setting. But, it also has a very wide range of sounds, so you’ll be able to dial in whatever you want to suit your rig. This thing is amazing. Stop reading reviews and just buy it. You won’t regret it.

  8. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    This is the sound of a Balrog gnawing on a mountain. The absolute be all and end all of fuzz pedals. Steve and his crew have their work cut out for them to try and outdo this supernova of sound. Cast down to smite all false fuzz in Armageddon. Behold! The one fuzz pedal to rule them all. Come and join the legion!

  9. Tyler Alcantar (verified owner)

    Hands down, the best and most versatile fuzz pedal I have ever used. This pedal really surprised me, I love how many different sounds you can dial in and every setting you can come up with sounds great. Personally, I like it best with lower tunings, especially with my 8 string tuned to F standard. Another great release from Does It Doom, absolutely worth every penny.

  10. Kevin Daigrepont (verified owner)

    The first Does It Doom pedal with a master volume knob and gain knob and they really improve the user interface. The circuit is awesome. The “left” side is a cranked sounding Fuzz Face and the “right” side is a Russian Big Muff with most of the highs removed. the genius of this pedal is the ability to blend the circuits together and get a handful of different fuzz sounds. I play with the blend around 11 O’Clock and it’s absolutley devastating. Great Job, guys.

  11. Dave Dukart (verified owner)

    Dooms harder than the end of the world. Full left is Fuzzface, full right Russian Pi same so many tasty options between those.

    Also has a cool PURPLE LED and kick-ass graphics.

    But wait…. that’s not all! Comes with awesome stickers, too.

  12. Marc

    Bought this beast straight after seeing the DID demo and it did not disappoint when in hand. It’s definitely worthy of any doom worshippers pedal set up.
    Usual top quality pedal build from DID.

  13. Bryan Smith (verified owner)

    This thing is one of my favorite blended fuzz circuits I have played! Gives me the perfect blend of fuzz face tone and muff low end. I have always had problems liking fuzz faces because I feel they are lacking in gain and low end but being able to blend in some muff low end to it was everything I needed! I’m excited to see what your take is on other classic pedals and what other fusion circuits you come up with! Keep on it my dude!!!

  14. Ian Robertson (verified owner)

    Definitely a fan of the Elder God Fuzz. This was my first purchase from Does it D after years of watching free videos on YouTube. I’m a big Slomatics fan and this seemed right up that dark alley. Personally I use it a lot in Drop D for playing music similar to Helmet with the knob towards the middle maybe a little left. Tuned lower it definitely adds a lot if you like that doom sound. It’s a dark roasted fuzz flavor and that’s all I needed. It stays in the collection to pass on to my kids.

  15. Thomas B (verified owner)

    Had been waiting for the next batch since the first run sold out and let me tell you I’m so stoked in this thing. Even on my crappy VOX combo this thing sounds amazing. Tons of fuzz but doesn’t mud out, even with stock Epiphone pickups. Do yourself a favor and get one.

  16. Nathan (verified owner)

    Does it Doom? Just a bit! Great pedal, both circuits are voiced just right, loads of room when you start to blend them, much more than you might expect. Great bass without the mud, single strings cut though, without the top! Kinda perfect for any drop tuned shenanigans. Stacks great with other dirt boxes if you wanna get really silly. Checked it next to my Black Russian Muff into a nice Wilson Fuzz Face circuit.. much better, far creamier, you get all the fuzzy dirt without the grainy shit. It also arrived pretty much before I remembered I bought it n I live in the UK. Looks pretty sweet too. Great pedal, great company. Buy shit from them.

  17. Jim Little (verified owner)

    I LOVE this pedal!!! It stacks with anything and sounds really badass if you need to use a smaller amp in low volume situations as i sometimes do.

  18. Levi B.

    The Elder God is my favorite fuzz pedal. It absolutely crushes and is actually capable of more than just fuzz. It’s very versatile in the distortion realm.

  19. Carl Tripodi (verified owner)

    I love this pedal, one of my favorites now. This thing crushes in tone. It sounds so full yet the bottom end is really heavy. It is the perfect pedal for my 7 string PRS that is tuned to drop F, just like Conan. I also can get Slomatics and Domkraft tones really easily now. I stack it with my Kuro T120 preamp pedal (MatampGT120), and sounds better IMO stacked with my Kuro Exegol preamp pedal (Sunn O))) Model T) I have had the pedal since January. This is a must have pedal for anyone playing Doom and Sludge.

  20. Jerred (Wretched Hallucination)

    This pedal is an absolute beast! Brutally heavy!

  21. Tim (verified owner)

    Amazing pedal! Slowmatics to Monolord. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  22. Homer Keys

    Epic pedal it is so bone crushing my only complaint is that I can’t own all the models of pedals from Does it Doom. Ps Steve is a badass!

  23. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    Already posted a review but just wanted to add that I have every D.I.D. pedal up through the newest Baghdad and love them all equally for different reasons. But…I love this one just a smidge more. Still the reigning champ for me.

  24. Shawn (verified owner)

    Good solid pedal sounds great with very simple controls no nonsense.

  25. Nils (verified owner)

    A very versatile and responding pedal. From skull crushing axe to hushed spell of doom with just the volume knob on the guitar. Together with my EAE Model FeT as preamp, the perfect combo IMO.

  26. Jack Borders (verified owner)

    This pedal doesnt leave my board. Its thick and heavy presence has entombed its spot amongst my pedal chain. I very much recommend this pedal.

  27. Chris (Narruc) Curran (verified owner)

    This is probably my 1a of the five Does it Doom pedals that I own. If I had a soul, this pedal would fucking crush it!!!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  28. Basil

    Maybe the greatest fuzz pedal ever. Crazy awesome and so much fun to play. I don’t always doom, but when I do, elder god it shall be

  29. Hector Badilla

    Will be on the next Val Chillmore record (had to plug the band 😅) But the Elder God is seriously one of the best fuzzes I’ve ever used, hands(of doom) down. When the “DOOM” knob is turned all the way to the left, it sounds very similar to the Fuzzcoven, but it has I don’t know…like 30% more gain maybe. All the way to the right is a little unusable (for me). Play with it to get a nice blend though! What a killer pedal. The blue color way is way nicer in person, btw!

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