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29dB of Crushing Clean Boost To Punish The Front End Of Your Favorite Amp or Dirt Pedals

Add punch, presence, and sustain to your tone while maintaining the integrity of your input signal with the turn of a single knob.

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The DOOMCASTER is a deafening MOSFET style clean boost circuit that combines the functionality of a powerful boost, a signal enhancing buffer, and a handy attenuator into one doomboard friendly package.

Place the Doomcaster early in your dirt chain to slam the input section of your favorite fuzz, distortion, or overdrive, or set it at the end of your pedal chain for a tailored volume boost.  Crank the boost knob to cast droning sustain upon any amplifier or pedal that lies in its path.

When placed in your amplifier’s effects loop, the Doomcaster functions as an attenuator, allowing you to crank your preamp gain while dialing down the overall output volume, achieving the saturated tone of your amp’s front end at bedroom volume.


Boost: Controls the level of boost or cut.  Set the knob at noon for a powerful unity gain signal chain buffer, rotate the knob clockwise for an ultra-transparent clean boost, or rotate the knob counter-clockwise for a versatile signal attenuator.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel.  An isolated power supply is recommended.  Power supply not included.


  • Powerful MOSFET style clean booster / sustainer / buffer / attenuator for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Regulated internal voltage with overvoltage, overcurrent, and reverse polarity protection
  • Adjustable max gain up to +29dB via internal trim pot
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knob, Alpha pot, Panasonic relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Chrome-like powder coated finish with clear coat and UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz



32 reviews for Doomcaster

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    I use this both as a boost right after my fuzz and an overall volume at the end of my pedal chain. It’s essential for tone chasers like me!

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    I went through life thinking I didn’t need a boost pedal, then I tried this one. Now it’s a permanent fixture. Placed right before a fuzz to give it a kick up the backside it adds a lovely bit of girth to my tone while still letting the fuzz do its thing, just with a bit of ‘goes to 11’ action. Delicious.

  3. Jeremiah Johnson

    The Doomcaster is a fantastic booster pedal. Some good uses for it are as a Buffer, to boost the front end of other pedals or the preamp on your amplifier or use it in the effects loop as a volume attenutator. Plenty of great demos on Youtube.


    My name is Anthony from Ampturco Guitar Werks and I am a proud owner of the Doomcaster! This boost is one of the best boost pedals I have come across. It takes all the correct frequencies and puts them out to your ears. It is also a fantastic buffer pedal as well. This is really ideal to either boost you already hot amp or slam it into your favorite fuzz. It plays nice in any location on the board. I dig having it in the beginning before my fuzz and most times it’s always on. It is very transparent and doesn’t add a ton of color to your tone. The other factor I love about it is the one single giant knob. Less is always more for me. Most times with a lot of options I get overwhelmed and far to wrapped up in trying every setting in 9 different ways. I slapped this onto my board and it was perfect right out of the box. I did fiddle with the internal trim pot to add some extra sauce but I ended up really liking it at its stock setting the best. I usually run the knob at about 3 o’clock into both my OR50 and My Rockerverb MkIII. It’s built like a tank and the art work is incredible as always. The powder coat is nice and thick and will definitely hold up for years. It quickly became one of my always on pedals. Definitely check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Kelley (verified owner)

    This pedal is beautifully simple to use, and amazingly versatile. I have had mine for a few months, and I feel like I am still discovering new ways to use it.

  6. Carl (verified owner)

    Best boost pedal I have ever owned. I like it best in front of my od, distortion, and fuzz pedals. Its helps pushes these pedals to the break up sound to each pedal. A must have for any pedal chain.

  7. seth hutchinson (verified owner)

    the doomcaster has become a major part of my sound. Im using it to slam the front of my marshall dsl, and it sounds incredible, perfect doom and sludge tones that ive searched far and wide for over the years

  8. Derek Monaco (verified owner)

    It hasn’t left my board. My favorite of the Unholy Trinity! So many uses out of a one knob boost. Try it through your return and make your pedals destroy!

  9. Meltingfaces0921

    It took a sec to figure out where I liked it best in my signal chain, but it’s always on my board now! Super

  10. Tyler (verified owner)

    This is an “always on” kinda pedal, it makes every amp and all guitars just rip! It chugs harder, makes harmonics scream! I don’t even play doom very often (mostly metal/hair metal) but it just crushes every genre! Just buy it already!

  11. Larry McDowell

    The DOOMCASTER is the loudest, most powerful clean boost pedal on Earth! Even a slight increase in the Volume control will shake the walls and rattle the foundation. It melts preamp tubes and pushes anything after it into ultimate saturation. I like to use it between dirt and modulation effects. Awesome pedal!

  12. Gabe G (verified owner)

    Perfect punch for bass solos or thunderous intros. Pedal is sturdy as a tank and takes up a rent free residence on the top of my gigging pedal board, cheers 🪗

  13. Logan Guidry (verified owner)

    This pedal is top-notch quality! I use it as a line boost / buffer at the end of my chain and it adds this wonderful “en vie” to my signal. Slight compression, a bit of top end bite, and ZERO signal loss. Solid construction and a beautiful graphic tie this rad little package together. Well done, DID. Iommic Life Complete.

  14. Arnt (verified owner)

    Doomcaster delivers the juice you need to mark solos and nail the killer riff. Highly recommended. Do not hesitate, run and buy.

  15. Troy Golden

    The Doomcaster has really helped me dial in some great heavy tones pushing the Ultra Gain (red) channel of my Marshall DSL40CR. Go get yourself one!

  16. Gianluca Becuzzi (verified owner)

    Great product. Very useful to increase saturation and sustain of hi-gains. Positioned before Fuzz/Disto will make your six strings roar.

  17. Vaughn Halen (verified owner)

    This pedal is awesome! I’ve tried it on my Sunn Solarus amp to get that natural tube breakup and sure enough the sound was rich with tone. it’s definitely something that I’m glad I had purchased. I always have this pedal hooked up at all times along with the hypercoven.

  18. Margo

    This pedal is so killer – adds a TON of sustain and really gives the tone an incredible kick! Put it after my fuzz for the gnarliest doom ever.

  19. Cadaver Head

    I have a guitar with medium output pickups and the Doomcaster makes it sustain a bit better. I also like using it after fuzz and distortion pedals as a volume control before the amp or effects pedals. The art work makes me think of a group of doom mages in a rpg setting and is very well detailed. Definitely getting a few more of these pedals in the future.

  20. Scotty K

    lots of great reviews for this well built pedal that is used in many different ways letting you know how versatile it is. Your pedalboard has room for one more pedal and this is that pedal
    You wont be disappointed . I run mine at the end of my chain so it has the last word on my tone.

  21. Tyler Alcantar (verified owner)

    I didn’t really know if I needed another boost pedal, but after checking the Doomcaster out on YouTube, I had to get one. I was pleasantly surprised at how it sounded boosting a Rat, it went from heavy to fuzzed out doom and I love it. Also pairs well with the Sabbathi and the Doomsaw. Great pedal, glad I bought one.

  22. Chris Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I’ve come to love two different boost pedals. This is one of them. Devastating boost pedal. Having it right after a fuzz pedal is purely amazing! Hands down go get one.

  23. Kara G. (verified owner)

    Love the heavy sound

  24. Gabe (verified owner)

    Amazing, built to last pedal that boosts sound without messing with frequency or adding unnecessary harmonic hum. Perfect for bass solos or boosted sections.

  25. Joshua kidd (verified owner)

    amazing pedal. does everything it’s promised. quality and fucking reliable.

  26. Brian Tetreault

    In the past I’ve used various types of boost pedals, from 2018 till this year I stopped using boost pedals. Steve came out with this pedal, in the back of my head I was trying to tell myself I don’t need a boost. This pedal however just like all the other Does It Doom? pedals has some killer artwork. Then Steve released the Super Group knob edition of this pedal. The black & silver SG with the black & silver art/esthetic of the pedal looked so awesome just had to order one. I’ve got to say this is the best boost pedal ever. It’s a pure clean boost, doesn’t add or take away anything from your guitar & amps natural tone. Other boost will add either a mid hump, make your low end muddy or a spike in the highs. Not the Doomcaster, it takes your signal & just boost it up, just pure clean boost, some more volume. Another plus about the Doomcaster is that it sounds great before or after your dirt pedals.

  27. A Boyd (verified owner)

    This thing will melt your amps…in a good way. Another bad ass pedal from DiD!

  28. Jack (verified owner)

    I have the doomcaster and hypercoven as the first in line on my chain. The doomcaster works excellent as adding an extra bit of oomph to my dirty pedals. Well built, excellent artwork, and great performance. High quality pedal.

  29. Vaughn (verified owner)

    Definitely a full frequency boost. All the way from low to high gets boosted. I love to use this in either scenario, whether it’s in the beginning of my dirt chain or after, but if you like to slam the front of your amp just remember it’s not a treble boost. Anyway I love this thing for sure and you can utilize it as a attenuator in the fx loop.

  30. Edgar (verified owner)

    I’m back to playing guitar after 15 year hiatus, so no expert. That said, Doomcaster is the one pedal on my board that’s pretty much always on, because the sustain is REAL. Absolutely transparent boost. Love it!

  31. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    Love this thing. Gives my sound the thrust it needs to go beyond just the tip.

  32. Dustin (verified owner)

    I honestly gotta say that this thing roars in front of all my other pedals. I mean I’ve had boosters before but this added A LOT of headroom. Now while it added lots of volume it lacked the ability to add some grit. It was strictly a volume booster. But for what it does it does well because all my other boosters are quite the opposite. They will add some extra oomph but take volume away while giving gritty flavoring. This was encased in an awesome color scheme. Mine had the giant black/silver numbered knob. I think they make just an ordinary black knob but I had to have the one that was like a big Fender control knob. Steve makes sure to include a boatload of extras that probably amount to at least $50 between high end stickers & patches. All in all I think if you need to boost your tone because you lack headroom then this unit will give you more than you could handle. If you are looking to boost but need some added gain/distortion I still think Steve & D.I.D. have plenty of other pedals that will provide what your needing. I highly recommend buying some pedals from D.I.D.

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