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Our Signature Series DOOMBOARD line in all of our most popular finish options.  Built and ready to ship!

Tolex wrapped solid wood pedalboards of the highest quality and craftsmanship, built by hand in North Carolina, USA.

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Our Signature Series DOOMBOARD line in all of our most popular finish options.  Built and ready to ship!

  • Tolex wrapped pedalboard of solid wood construction.
  • 1/4″ box joint corners.
  • Jacobean stained and lacquered premium wood slats.
  • Flat black or chrome metallic corner protectors.
  • Rubber feet.
  • Clearance to house power supply on underside.
  • Laser etched metallic logo plate.
  • Typically holds 8-12 pedals.
  • 22″ long x 13.5″ wide, 2.25″ high front, 3.5″ high back.
  • 3/4″ cable routing gaps between slats.
  • 1.5″ power supply cable routing grommet on backside.
  • Includes three 21″ long x 2″ wide strips of adhesive hook and loop tape.
  • Weighs approximately 6.0lbs.
  • Handcrafted in North Carolina, USA.

DOOMBOARD orders ship via Fedex Ground or Fedex International Economy.  Please note that international orders may be subject to VAT import taxes which must be paid for at the buyer’s expense at the time of delivery.

Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 4 in

31 reviews for Doomboard

  1. AllegedlyMichael

    From build quality, color and materials used the Doomboard is Absolutely amazing! The Doomboard is one of my greatest assets while playing. Absolutely a must have!!

  2. Jacob Taylor (verified owner)

    Best looking boards in the game! Fits all of my thunderous Does it Doom pedals and more!

  3. DoomCheese3 (verified owner)

    This thing is as sturdy and beautiful as they come. Don’t let the looks intimidate you….yes it’s sturdy and will last you a life time but no it’s not heavy and cumbersome. A beautiful addition to any setup.

  4. Joel Hensley (verified owner)

    Shipped and arrived fast and without a flaw. I kept my fastening super minimal to showcase the gorgeous dark wood finish. No problem to tote around and makes cable management easy 🤘

  5. PSC40013 (verified owner)

    Great looking pedal board. Sturdy, well-built, but light. Lots of room for all my current pedals. Cable management is easy. Definitely worth the investment.

  6. Nick (verified owner)

    Beautiful pedalboard, can’t say enough good things about it. Tolex is super clean, wood is stained a really nice dark brown, love it.
    The only change I’d make is widening the boards and reducing the space between them. The way it is now, some of my pedals are too big to sit securely on one board but too small to overlap to the next board, so they wobble a bit. Not gonna fall off, but a little more depth for pedal support would be good.

  7. Mongo (verified owner)

    Awesome pedal board. Clean design and sturdy plus looks great in front of the orange cab. Fast shipping as well (outside USA).

  8. Scott (verified owner)

    Solid board at a good price. I went classic Marshall looks but the board is growing and I might need another one, I’d go green this time.

    Nothing wrong, great value.

  9. Marc Christoforidis

    As sturdy as the riffs and sounds it’s subjected to ⚰️ this board must be made of mithril – light as a feather, and as hard as dragon-scales.

  10. Joe O (verified owner)

    Work of purple tolex art. So clean and satisfying. Thank you!

  11. Tyler (verified owner)

    This pedalboard is more than a place to put your pedals…it’s a work of art! Plus it matches my orange amp perfectly!

  12. keith

    Want an honest review of the DOOMBOARD? Here’s one for ya…

    I looked at a lot of other boards and even thought about making my own… I mean how hard could it be, right? Then I ordered a DOOMBOARD in orange and no joke this is WELL worth the money. From materials used to the shape and size, Steve’s DOOMBOARD is a part of my gear that I’m really proud of. These pedal boards are worth more than what they sell for so if you’re looking for one you’ve found it right here…Plus Steve is an incredibly valuable part of our stoner/doom music family and I like to support those who support us! Get one!

  13. Marc Pryz (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Doomboard for over
    a year now. The wood finish and Tolex is perfect. Hands down one of the most stylish and badass pedal boards out there. I have roughly 8 pedals on it that all fit perfectly. 10/10 would recommend.

  14. Jordan

    I’ve had my Doomboard for 2 years now and I haven’t needed another pedalboard since. It has a very sturdy construction, lots of room for pedals, a convenient cutout on the front of the board for running power cables from a power source mounted under the board, and it’s built at the perfect angle for easily accessing all your pedals. On top of all that it looks awesome!

  15. Kelley (verified owner)

    Beautiful, sturdy, well proportioned and just generally badass.

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    This is a thing of beauty! So much are has gone into it. It’s sturdy as hell! My only complaint is there isn’t a bag for it to transport. I’m sure some other brand pedal bag would fit though.

  17. Brian (verified owner)

    These boards are absolute works or art. And built to the highest quality available. I am definitely going to buy another one for my bass rig. Not only are they strong and the perfect size for me, but they are the best looking on the market!

  18. getfuzzed_ (verified owner)

    Unbelievable construction. The power source sits nicely underneath (with a touch of Velcro) but it has good clearance. The wood, tolex, and color options are incredible! Thanks again! (as always!)
    A 36”ish width would be the only thing I’d add to the option. But KEEP this size around.

  19. Josh (verified owner)

    Ordered a doomboard to match my AC15. It’s exactly what I wanted and exactly what I ordered. Great customer service when I had questions and now I finally have a real pedalboard- great product and I’m definitely keeping my eye on future releases and products.

  20. Dr. Richard Shur

    Does it doom? Oh, it Dooms. Handsome dark wood wrapped in orange tolex provides a new home for my pedals. They are safe, powered, and now more easy to transport than ever. Thanks Steve, you’re the man!

  21. Tyler Alcantar

    Without a doubt, the best pedalboard I have ever owned or used. I love the look of the stained wood and the purple tolex is just beautiful. The build quality is superb, not a single complaint. Highly recommended.

  22. Fuzz Cats (verified owner)

    Unbelievable build quality!
    I’ll have this for the rest of my life.
    Thank you.

  23. GC Land (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Doomboard! It’s built to last. Super sturdy and a must for my Does It Doom pedals and others. The colors and customization options when choosing one are superb. Since I’ve purchased and set mine up someone at every show I’ve played has asked about it. Beautiful work of art!

  24. Jason (verified owner)

    I got the Doomboard in the Orange tolex. Works great for my needs. Love the grain of the wood slats, and my Truetone 1 Spot CS 12 fits under it with no problem. Easily fits 10 – 12 pedals. Looks sick in front of my Orange amp/cab.

  25. Kevin Killelea (verified owner)

    Got the Doomboard in Green tolex. Amazingly sturdy construction! I have too many pedals now I will need another pedal board! Orange perhaps? \m/ \m/ Thanks!!

  26. A Boyd (verified owner)

    Great boards. Sturdy built and they look cool AF.

  27. Phil Darovic (verified owner)

    Great board. Very Cool anesthetic. Kind of wish it had a lid but oh well, still awesome! Steve was super nice about switching the colors for me too.

  28. Mark Reed (verified owner)

    Best pedal board I own. Exactly what I was looking for. Steve helped me personally with a question about it. Along with confirming the quality when I received it. It’s the only pedal board I’ll ever order again… and I will order another board

  29. Ian

    Killer board that gets me pumped to play! The craftmanship is top quality and it’s been a pleasure finding new ways to arrange all my pedals on this monster. Good amount of room underneath with plenty of space for a Dunlop MXR M238 Iso-Brick. The green looks great with my epiphone sg that’s inverness green. If i had more room i’d get a second one.

  30. Derek Monaco (verified owner)

    It says DOOMBOARD but has an elegance about it with tolex, protected corners, and stained wood. Not a board to cover all 50 pedals you have but a board to selectively pick 8-13 pedals that can do the job. I got the purple tolex to blend with the lighting of the one knobbers. My goal is to eventually make this a board of one knob pedals. Delay, reverb, and phaser one knobs Steve?

  31. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    Just received my second doomboard and love them both. I would prefer just a little higher angle but I am not complaining. So pretty I won’t even put down the Velcro.

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