Bower Power Overdrive

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***Bower Power Overdrive Available NOW!***

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From the infamous crucible of the New Orleans underworld, channeling the raw anguish and scathing fury that defined a genre…

For the first time harness the quintessential sound of southern suffering with the all-new Jimmy Bower Signature Overdrive.

The Power of the Riff Compels You!

A collaboration with Nick Williams of the mighty Dunwich Amplification.

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Take As Needed for Gain…

The Bower Power Overdrive is the combination of a classic op-amp overdrive and a solid state power amp boost.  The pedal has a wide range of gain from edge of break-up, clean-ish boost to aggressive overdrive.

Drive levels for both the op-amp overdrive and the power amp boost are controlled independently using two gain controls: “Suffering” sets the gain of the op-amp overdrive, “Abuse” sets the gain of the power amp boost.

The power amp boost is designed to enhance low end, compensating for the typical low-end cut that is shaped early in the op-amp overdrive circuit.  Additional EQ adjustment is achieved with an active tilt tone control that can further emphasize low end, darkening the overall sound or boosting upper-mids and treble.

The output signal level of the pedal is controlled with a master volume which is loud enough to further overdrive the input of other pedals or amp.

For the most authentic grief-stricken Jimmy Bower tone, be sure to play on your bridge pickup with your guitar’s volume knob at max and tone knob rolled all the way off.


Suffering:  Adjusts the gain of the op-amp overdrive.
Abuse: Adjust the gain of the solid state power amp boost.
Volume: Adjusts the overall output level of the pedal.
Tone: Active tilt EQ to boost bass or upper mid / treble frequencies.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel. An isolated power supply is recommended. Power supply not included.


  • Four-knob overdrive for downtuned guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knobs, Alpha pots, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 9.7oz

6 reviews for Bower Power Overdrive

  1. Mark daniels

    this thing does greasy southern sludgy riffs better than any pedal I have ever played. it also does tight percussive hardcore riffs amazing with a turn of a few knobs. I was switching between EHG and terror easily

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    Got mine today , plugged into Marshall 800 and bam 💥 there it is my tone been looking for . Sounded great using SG in C to a fender Strat on E . Get one before they are out of stock !!! Tight and sludgy

  3. Steve T. (verified owner)

    It’s insane how good this thing sounds. I’m using it as a boost on the vintage channel of a Boogie, and oh man does it boost alright. Love it, thank you.

  4. Brant S. (verified owner)

    I’m a huge EYEHATEGOD and Bower fan, so I had zero hesitation picking up this overdrive. I’ve been chasing the New Orleans sludge sound for a while now and running the Bower Power straight into my Solid State Randall RG is a great way to go. This is giving me all the volume and control I could want, with perfectly balanced tone and heavy bass presence. I’m loving it for sludge, but it lends itself to great hardcore and post-rock tones as well. Definitely my main featured pedal now! It goes hard AF.

  5. Jeff Kormos (verified owner)

    I just received my Bower Power overdrive and it immediately got added to my board! This pedal is extremely versatile, and you can get more than just sludge/doom sounds out of it. The dual gain knobs allow you to easily fine tune this pedal to get more bass or treble in your sound. Usually it takes time for me to find my sound, but after testing it out for 5 minutes, I had the sound that I’ve been looking for. I do use other pedals on my board to achieve my overall sound and works excellent with others. This is a great addition to my board and I can’t see myself removing it anytime soon.

  6. Aiden Vieira

    This pedal rips. Like its actually insane. I have plugged it into two of my amps, both being modulation amps (Line 6 spider iv 75 watt amp and Peavy Vyper XR1) through the crunch channel and holy shit! Pure EYEHATEGOD tone. Pure f#$@in sludge tone as well. This pedal also is really good for grindcore, hardcore, crust punk, post hardcore, the tones that I have gotten out of this pedal blows my mind! My only issue was me being blinded by the pedals LED when I turned it on LMAO. But other than that, this is seriously one of the best pedals to come from doesitdoom. It came in just in time for my 17th birthday, and I am more than happy with it. If you want an incredible SD1 style distortion, EYEHATEGOD tones, or pure sludge, this pedal is for you dude.

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