68″ Riffian Guitar Strap

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Inspired by the guitar strap Matt Pike wore in the early days of High on Fire.

Have a guitar with neck dive issues?  Our straps are now available with optional high friction brown suede backing!

All straps are built to order and ship directly from Tom’s Vintage Guitar Straps.  Build time is approximately 5-7 days.  Most straps arrive within two weeks of purchase.

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  • Adjustable in length from 37″ to 68″ (0.94 – 1.72m) eye-to-eye.
  • New Old Stock fabric from the late 60’s / early 70’s.
  • New Old Stock nickel adjustment buckle from the 60’s.
  • 2” wide (5cm).
  • Soft black faux-leather or brown suede backing material.
  • Vegan tanned black leather ends with custom embossed “Does It Doom?” logo.
  • Nickel buckles and rivets.
  • Handmade in France by Tom’s Vintage Guitar Straps.
Backing Material

Soft Black, Brown Suede

8 reviews for 68″ Riffian Guitar Strap

  1. DoomCheese3 (verified owner)

    The absolutely beautiful and sturdy Does It Doom guitar straps from Tom’s Vintage Guitar Straps are the perfect addition to help round out your setup. I’ve got two of them and the quality across the board is apparent. Built to last a lifetime and worth every penny.

  2. Matthew Hubenka (verified owner)

    This strap which is a collaboration between Does It Doom and Tom’s Vintage Straps is my favorite and my “go-to” guitar strap. I love the design and how it can adjust real low. The Riffian is a great strap. I’ve been eyeing the Supernaut that has snuck onto the site lately. Thank you Steve and Tom for making a quality strap?

  3. Mike Stearns (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful and extremely comfortable guitar strap, and I haven’t been able to find anything else comparable since I bought it. These are now my go-to straps, everything else just feels cheap and flimsy.

  4. Jacob Taylor

    I’m one step closer to becoming Matt Pike

  5. Brother Of The Riff (verified owner)

    I own both the Riffian and Witchcult straps, in addition to a plethora of other items from Does It Doom. In addition to the appealing design patterns, the straps are very comfortable and have a permanent home on my favourite guitars. I look forward to brandishing them on stage once live music returns to the fold in earnest.

  6. john strobel

    Gorgeous strap! It was my first purchase from DID. Was my lucky to get one of the first batches too. Highly recommended

  7. Joshua Euton (verified owner)

    Very well constructed strap. This one stays on my daily player. Non slip, full of mojo, and comfy. What else do you need? Thanks for the great product! I’ll be getting more in the future.

  8. Randy (verified owner)

    Absolutely classic design. I will probably only use Toms/Does it Doom straps from now on.

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