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A profound relic returned from the nucleus of Earth, melding two legendary circuits into one monolithic drone device…

The Aghartha Drone Distortion Preamp combines the hallowed Sunn O))) Model T Amplifier and the expansive RAT Distortion into one full spectrum, tone shearing effector, forged from the template set forth by the robed brothers Grimm.

Designed in collaboration with Nick Williams of Dunwich Amplification.

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Long before fire, earlier than time, preceding death and ice, lived only a vibration.  An ancient tone sustained throughout oblivion, bound to the fate of existence…

It consumed galaxies, laid with the cosmos, and spawned countless sunn.  The universe expanded; each piece retaining notes of its primordial pulse.

The uninhabitable rock hymn, the ultimate lunar frequency, the soundtrack of creation.  Perceived by none.

Inaudible for aeons, it sat on the ears of a deaf system…  Until now.

The Aghartha Drone Distortion Preamp.

A profound relic returned from the nucleus of Earth.

Melding two legendary circuits into one monolithic drone device.

Providing 36V of internal headroom for authentic tube-like tone and response.

The Aghartha is a JFET emulation of the center input of an early 70’s first generation Sunn O))) Model T Preamp.

A singular Grimm control adjusts the wet / dry blend of a modified RAT Distortion.

Set the dial at minimum to remove the Rat from the circuit and behold the classic Sunn O))) Model T pedal platform crunch.

Or rotate the knob clockwise to blend through a wide spectrum of overdriven soundscapes, towards a vast array of textures and saturation.

Claim the archaic dissonance.

Worship the song of the eternal void.




Grimm: Controls the wet/dry blend of a boosted RAT Distortion into a Sunn O))) Model T Preamp.

To be utilized as a distortion pedal into the front end of your amplifier or turn up the internal master volume trim pot to boost the output and run it as a preamp into your effects return or dedicated power amp.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel. An isolated power supply is recommended. Power supply not included.


  • One-knob drone distortion / preamp for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable master volume via internal trim pot (MASTER)
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knob, Alpha pot, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz

“Thunderous resonant sounds call from beyond the depths…” – Sunn O))), Aghartha, Monoliths & Dimensions


8 reviews for Aghartha

  1. Zach

    The thing I admire about the Sunn O))) tone is no matter how much gain they are running, their tone is always clear and bass heavy…not a muddy mess. This achieves that and more. Stacks great with other pedals, has plenty of bass and gain on tap, and even when maxed out it still retains clarity.

  2. Ollie

    Massive drone! Killer distortion! This pedal is very useful and stacks great with other pedals weather they are from Steve, Mr. J the fuzzimp or anyone else. My bass loves it with rat at zero or fully cranked and yours will too.

  3. Ian

    Man! Ran this thru my GT 120FX loop, Holy Shit! It was an absolute monster. Put a Does It Doom Hypercoven in the mix. You can hold a note or chord for days. Next, straight into my Hovercraft Falcon 100. Pretty decent clean tone and at minimum, (Sunn T circuit) will give you a kick in the teeth. Turn that shit up! And look out! Knocked it outta the park again Steve! AKA Gandalf Of Doom! Great job!

  4. John Sell

    Instant Classic. Not only does it completely emulate the heavy SUNN drone tone, it is also the DREAM RAT DISTORTION for any doom player. The heaviness in the bass is MASSIVE and the bite and clarity past 12 o clock is like no other. It drones, it chugs, It dooms.

  5. Ilias

    It really is an amazing pedal, I even transformed a little orange Micro Dark practice amp into a drone beast. Max out the amps gain and tilt this to almost full. Easy to get into sonic trance states, exactly what I’ve been looking to achieve

  6. Titouan (verified owner)

    Well, hello sexy stranger.

    If you’re here in the comment section, it’s probably because you hesitate, should I buy it or not ?

    And, I’m here to tell you kindly that you can « F word » stop hesitate !

    This pedal is exactly what it’s supposed to be, a killer pedal that worth every single dollar you’re going to spend on it right now.

    The sound is massive even in low stettings, it blew me away, like.. It’s really huge. And the funny thing about it is when you think about the price of an original Model T, the price of this little gem is ridiculous compared to its quality.

    I really don’t know if I have to talk more about it, but for me, it’s definitely a home run.

    Congratz Steve for this pedal, the Aghartha might never leave my board..

  7. Al

    This thing crushes on bass. Sounds massive even out of a tiny practice amp or adds a bunch of girth out of an already dirty massive tube amp. Really good bass clarity but it shines most in the sustain department. It’s never in a rush to feedback so you can really savor those filthy droned notes. If you want to emulate the sound of distressed speakers being pushed to their limits in the studio or at low volumes, this does it.

  8. V (verified owner)

    Absolute bottom end. It’s that fat tone I’ve been chasing. The rat blend is perfect for this. Going into spring reverb is amazing. Brings the Orange Micro Dark and Micro Terror to a new level. Your cab is gonna get a work out.

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