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The Doomsaw returns in its original HM-2 orange and black colorway…  All orders include FREE BONUS Doomsaw patch, pick, and sticker pack while supplies last!

***New for this version is an internal LEVEL control trimpot so you can dial back the output for less boost / low volume play or leave it cranked for unparalleled punishment and chainsaw fury!***

A gruesome single knob adaptation of the dimed HM-2 chainsaw circuit, we’ve taken the classic death metal tone and tailored it to modern doom, sludge, and drone metal.

Thundering lows, punishing mids, and that unmistakable chainsaw grind, the Doomsaw is a visceral device designed specifically for downtuned guitar and bass.

Designed in collaboration with Nick Williams of Dunwich Amplification.

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The traditional HM-2 Level, Low EQ, and High EQ settings are maxed internally, with the single Grief knob controlling Distortion.

An increased and extended Low EQ combines with a modified High EQ for a pummeling chainsaw dirge with reduced high frequency harshness.


Grief: Distortion.

Set the Grief knob towards zero and run the Doomsaw gyrating EQ into a high gain amplifier or your favorite fuzz / distortion pedals.

Set the Grief knob towards max and run it as your primary distortion pedal for unrivaled dimed Doomsaw fury.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel. An isolated power supply is recommended. Power supply not included.


  • One-knob modified chainsaw distortion for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED BRIGHTNESS)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knob, Alpha pot, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork in aged HM-2 orange
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz


41 reviews for Doomsaw

  1. HM2 Cult

    If you want heavy this is your pedal. Well-built, straightforward, and punishing. Not a typical “Boss” recreation as the low end is expanded. However, with the expanded low end the mids sit exactly where you would expect with an HM2 style pedal. Aside from doom I would highly suggest this pedal for anyone searching for a crushing dbeat/crust tone.

  2. Ryan Vickers

    The quality is everything you’ve come to expect from anything Nick Williams; so top notch. I’ve been hunting for a perfect fuzz tone for years, not knowing exactly what I needed, and low and behold here it is. Tonally it’s somewhere between a Hyper Fuzz and a Big Muff. Can’t say enough good things about this dream fuzz!

  3. Zach J

    Has that classic HM2 tone with its own twist . It’s a great option if you want that HM2 tone. Another solid release from DID.

  4. Michael. Allegedly…

    The Doomsaw is pure sonic carnage contained and ready to release its tonal savagery with just a single knob. Even if you aren’t after the iconic “Chainsaw” tone. This pedal is as brutal as it gets tonality wise. Definitely a must have if you’re into Drop tunings and playing doomy riffs that sound like they’re clawing their way up from the pits of hell.

  5. Ilias

    Other reviewers describe it perfectly. I give it 5 stars. It’s diabolically-rounded and the balance on all tonal qualities is perfect. It’s totally crushing. Doom Saw is the perfect name for it.

  6. Tyler Alcantar (verified owner)

    An awesome take on the classic HM-2 sound and different enough to stand out on its own. Crushing tone with a wide range of adjustable distortion, this pedal bulldozes everything in its path.

  7. Z

    Got mine today, it’s just outstanding. Taming the high end how they did really makes it for me, with my HM2, Wurm and Left Hand Wrath the chainsaw sound is uncontrollably wild as one might expect. But with this thing, I can run a boost into it to tighten it up and get a perfect At the Gates/Bloodbath sort of sound that isn’t really possible with my other HM2 inspired pedals. This is a must have for anyone wanting that “blended” HM2 sound that still has defined pick attack and chugs a little.

  8. Noah Whistler

    Do you wanna make tones that make the earth shake, then this is your pedal. I got my DOOMSAW in last week and it has not been turned off yet. It is super easy to dial in for your desired tone. One knobs keep it simple and effective. From a recording aspect it’s a breeze to track with. It’s an all around must have for anyone writing or playing heavy songs.

  9. Troy Fazzio

    Does it Doom has nailed it once again,
    With another great one knob pedal,
    With the Doomsaw!
    Killer pedal, thick and heavy,
    Great voicing on this pedal.
    Thank you Steve!

  10. Alex Paul

    The Doomsaw is the HM2 I didn’t know I needed. As others have said what really makes the DS stand out is it’s ability to maintain the lows which gives it a super burly push while giving you all the chainsaw nastiness you can handle on top. I’ve tried blending it with my fuzz pedals to make some incredibly heavy sounds and push my amp into “sounds like it’s about to die” territory. I’ve been using it a ton on bass as well where I think it really shines. I’m eager to throw it in a mix to hear how it cuts through. If you like doom and are chainsaw curious look no further.

  11. Blake S (verified owner)

    Amazing pedal. I never quite liked the boss hm-2, too nazaly for my sound. But this modded version is amazing. The added lows really make it a necessary pedal for anyone trying to play some kind of doom or blackgaze. Love it, and thanks for making it!

  12. milk cricket (verified owner)

    this was the sound ive been chasing for my bass. takes me back to my highschool years

  13. Manny

    I received the Doomsaw as a birthday gift. This pedal does everything I wanted in a distortion. It really inspires me to play the meanest, slowest, most evil riffs. This thing is a musical chainsaw. I love it.

  14. Blake – Aiwass

    The quality and sonic devastation of this pedal are without parallel. Essentially, what you’re getting here is an HM-2 without the downside of an HM-2: the lack of clear bass. The brutality is off the charts yet notes are still clear. I can’t recommend this pedal enough.

  15. Joseph Linsalata (verified owner)

    This HM-2 modded beast of a pedal is now my favorite addition to my collection. Sometimes less is more, so having the one knob allows you to adjust the level of snarl that you need for your guitar or bass. I also like that it keeps you from making poor EQ decisions – especially because the tone on this is absolutely perfect. So no more nasally HM-2 user errors!

    Add this to a fuzz pedal, Wah or MXR Phase 90 pedal during recording and you’ll be very pleased with this pedals versatility. If you’re thinking about buying it…just do it.

    It dooms.

  16. John Sell (verified owner)

    This makes any HM2/clone user jealous. SLAYS EM ALL. Think of a MIJ hm2 with the perfect amount of low-end boost. Long story short its a HM2 with way bigger balls. Think early 2010s Nails/Harms way tone. Absolutely crushing

  17. Steven F (verified owner)

    If you are wondering if this is worthwhile on bass, I can assuredly say absolutely.

    This pedal is an absolute wall shaker. Maintains some crispy crunch, and thunderous droning lines. Its a monstrous, sludgy and thick sound that appeals to everything I want when laying down some doom. Absolutely in love with this pedal (Standard tuning on 5 and 4 string basses).

  18. Kekomixtle (verified owner)

    This pedal is brutal! I own the Japanese, Taiwanese and new waza HM-2’s. This pedal is not a substitution or clone at all. It preserves the brutality of that 80-90s chainsaw sound, but has a wider range of frequency, working perfect with downtuned or 7-string guitars.

  19. Lawrence Wright (verified owner)

    I’ve got all but two of Does It Doom’s pedals. I love them all but the Doomsaw is my favorite. Got that brutal chainsaw sound I love but w a nice heavy low end. When combined w an octave boost it’s pretty much the greatest tone ever!!!

  20. Myles (verified owner)

    Awesome one knob chainsaw. Does everything from Conan to Entombed and so much more. Stacks well with fuzz pedals and octave shifters for a more doom sound. Absolutely essential in my pedal chain

  21. Thomas

    Love this pedal! I have a small place to practice and cant crank it more than around 9:00 on the dial but that is MORE than enough punch. It plays so nicely with my boosts and fuzz variations to just shred up the mix.

  22. Jim G

    Thrash? Death? Doom? Crank this one knob up and you’re covered. I’ve had trouble mixing this bad boy into my chain, luckily it has enough brutality to run solo. Shipped faster than a grindcore track and has me shredding Shuldiner riffs with studio quality. love my doomsaw.

  23. Old Goat (verified owner)

    A great subtle spin on a well known sound. For me as someone who doesn’t dime the H dial on the original ,the less present nasal honk of the doomsaw was a great feature.I actually really enjoyed running this into a dirty channel with the level on the DS down low.If you can convert an unbeliever,you know you are onto a winner 🙂
    Great service from steve as well,and a great looking quality pedal. Thumbs up!

  24. Patrick (verified owner)

    I Run My Hypercoven Through This Dirty Motherfucker And Into A Full Orange OR120 Stack. It Raises The Dead, Then Chainsawgutfucks Them Back To Death! Buy It!

  25. Nick (verified owner)

    I grabbed the slime green one, It’s pretty dope. I’ve been sawing and stabbing zombies with riffs since I got it 🤘🏼

  26. The mystic cube (verified owner)

    Absolutely earth shattering! The type of optimized pedal for doom but still retaining enough CHAINSAW for all sorts of genres. thank you for even taking the time to add extras. The does it doom sticker went straight on my pedal.

  27. Michael G. (verified owner)

    The Doomsaw does exactly that it has that saw-type distortion like the HM2 by Boss but it is more dynamic. It’s not a one-trick pony like the HM2 is for me. I owned the original HM2 Boss pedal and other than maxing out the settings and chugging out on the At The Gates tunes that’s all it was good for. I was not using my HM2 that much so mine collected dust and eventually I sold it. I do not regret much when I sell or trade a pedal. But one day I heard the Doomsaw and some other HM2 clone pedals out in the wild and of course, I went a searching so I could test them out for myself. Out of the two that caught my eye and I tried them out extensively and the Doomsaw stayed on my board. I like that chainsaw distortion and with the Doomsaw’s gyrating Eq it is my thing. I like to minimize the distortion and push other dirt pedals in to the Doomsaw to get that gyrating tone through it with those other pedals. Creating new tones is what it’s all about so being able to do that with one pedal makes it worth the purchase. When they say tuned for doom or good for down-tuned guitars they are correct. Not every pedal has that mojo for detuned guitars but these do. I mostly play in B C C# D and E tunings. FYI E standard and these pedals sound great but put some other detuning into those pedals and you will be happy. Mine is the GreenSlime and it looks sick and sounds even better than expected. \m/ go and create

  28. JP (verified owner)

    I’ve owned 4 Boss Hm-2s and other chainsaw distortion type pedals in search of a particular sound but I’ve always been disappointed. I discovered the Doomsaw and it has found a permanent place on my pedal board. i use this pedal everyday in my practice routine. The Doomsaw has replaced the HM-2 on my board and the massive brutal tones from this pedal are now being played on Doom, Death and Stoner Metal versions of Classic Rock songs. I highly recommend this pedal to anyone who likes the chainsaw sound. You will not be disappointed.

  29. Chris (verified owner)

    Exquisitely brutal Doom machine.
    I toned down the internal volume to yield a heavy and brutal, but still articulate sound.

  30. Adam

    Received mine a week or two and have been loving it, sounds absolutely brutal and has been inspiring some seriously nasty riffs. Thank you Steve!

  31. Kevin (verified owner)

    I tried my DoomSaw side by side w a late 80’s HM-2. The Doomsaw has more balls, more sustain, less shrill highs., and much less hiss when you stop playing. Voiced well for low tunings. I wish the level control was on the outside of the housing, but other than that this thing is an absolute crushing beast.

  32. Marc Erickson

    I bought the OG Doomsaw when it came out, and it is an amazing pedal. It is insanely loud, but I use a transparent overdrive pedal to control that level, and add to the sound texture. It stacks surprisingly well with other fuzz and distortion pedals.
    I mostly keep the giant gain (Grief) knob within the first third of it’s arc rotation. I’m a beginner guitarist, and my equipment is not traditionally associated with Doom metal, but even so, this pedal sounds awesome.
    The artwork, as with all the DiD pedals, is iconic, and the purple LED is spectacularly bright. The silent, soft push button feels good and allows for quick deployment of that HM2 chainsaw tone.
    This beast really is its own thing, and I’d say it is worth buying even if you have an HM2 pedal, or clone thereof already.
    Customer service and product support is excellent, and there are always some goodies in the box to go along with the pedal.

  33. Brian Tetreault

    Since I first heard Entombed’s Wolverine Blues in 1993 the Swedish Chainsaw tone has been a tone I’ve been trying to get for years. The Doomsaw from DID will get you that tone, but without the harsh high end of the HM2. The low mids on this pedal is awesome, has a growling grind in the low mids that sounds mean & aggressive. There are lots of HM2 clones on the market, they all have their pros & cons but a lot of them are also complicated with more knobs. Not the Doomsaw, one big grief knob to control the gain & the eq is maxed cause well that’s how you use the low & high controls on the HM2. The Doomsaw does have a pcb mounted volume control internally if you need to lower the output. This pedal is simple & just allows you to plug it into your rig & rip! No extra controls just use your amps eq to set it up for your rig & good to go. Killer pedal that brings the classic chainsaw tone with a unique twist.

  34. Sheldon (verified owner)

    This pedal is my daily driver, it pretty much serves as the core of my tone, thru a microdark.

  35. Tommy (verified owner)

    Loud as hell, bone-crushing, and my neighbors and bandmates hate it. Super responsive to volume and can produce a modest distortion with the Grief down, but where’s the fun in that? This pedal is worth the noise complaints and angry bandmates

  36. Achilles Lawrence

    This pedal is incredible. Perfectly EQ’d HM-2 that works fantastic with a octave fuzz for some truly ignorant, skull crushing, caveman music.

  37. Landon Ragsdale (verified owner)

    This is the best HM2 tones I have ever gotten. Does it doom nailed it on this. This pedal is also very responsive to EQ really letting you sculpt a grinding and thick grinding tone.

  38. James Bernardo (verified owner)

    Discovered this pedal through the legend Mike Vennart of Oceansize / Biffy having it on his board. Nonsense levels of noise, great fun, get a thick, grinding tone even out of a Strat. Really appreciate the internal trim pot on this newer version too as straight out the box its incredibly hot for playing at home haha. Also comes with some sick stickers and patches to doom up your gear.

  39. Alex Lazaro (verified owner)

    If you like that nasty heavy, you definitely need this in your arsenal. I was blown away when I first plugged it in. Alone, can be a little muddy, but pairing it with a boost or the likes gives you such a heavy chainsaw tone, inspiring some ridiculous riffs. I was able to snag the acid, slime green Doomsaw, and the finish of this pedal is amazing. I really appreciate the configuration of this clone and the single dial. At first I thought it might be a little restricting with the one dial, but I can assure you that this is nothing of concern. If you want a thick, girthy tone, this is the one.

    It came with a cool patch, stickers, and guitar pick which are all super cool! In Iomi We Trust 🙏🏽

  40. Jeremy (verified owner)

    My Doomsaw pedal came in the mail yesterday. Holy shit, what an amazing piece of equipment. I played for about 10 hours yesterday with the pedal, having the time of my life. Can’t remember the last time I spent so much time in one day jamming and having that much fun.

    The pedal brings that HM2 chainsaw sound, but with so much more depth and lowend that it makes for an incredible sound. Artwork on the pedal itself is outstanding, and the quality is superb. Having the one grief knob on the pedal is also a huge plus from my experience with it, guaranteed to get consistent and good tones.

    My overall experience with the Doomsaw will probably have me purchasing more pedals in the future from Does It Doom?.

  41. Steve T (verified owner)

    This is Swedish Death Metal in a box. Entombed, At The Gates, Bloodbath, etc. it can also be real dirty, kind of an Autopsy sound. Barely any noise. 5 stars.

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