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The Hypercoven is the ultimate doom drone device, designed to layer that crushing Life Pedal / Hyper Fuzz analog octave-up effect over your favorite fuzz or distortion pedals, crafting your own unique doom / drone tone.

Place the Hypercoven anywhere in your signal chain to cast droning, octave laden doom on all that lies in its path.

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This dirty analog octave-up effect is designed to drive your dirt chain, with the single-knob octave blend control giving you the ability to adjust the wet / dry mix of the effect. The added presence of the dirty upper octave works particularly well with downtuned guitar and bass.


Octave: controls the wet/dry mix of the dirty octave-up effect with your input signal.  Run it at max into your favorite fuzz for modern doom metal style octave fuzz tones or back it down into a rodent-based distortion for a more subtle octave swell with increased sustain.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel.  An isolated power supply is recommended.  Power supply not included.


  • Analog dirty octave-up pedal for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Regulated internal voltage with overvoltage, overcurrent, and reverse polarity protection
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, ORMAT knob, Alpha pot, Panasonic relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Chrome-like powder coated finish with clear coat and UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz

43 reviews for Hypercoven

  1. AllegedlyMichael

    The Hypercoven is the perfect enhancement pedal. It adds such a beautiful aura to your tone at lower levels and gets a dirt pedal filthy at the high end. From distortion to fuzz the Hypercoven is a must have on thr board.

  2. Jacob Taylor (verified owner)

    Turns any amp or pedal tone into an absolute drone machine.

  3. Alex

    Really awesome dirty octave pedal.
    Adds a slight octave effect and a bit more crunch to tone at lower levels, and when you crank it to higher levels it adds a lot of crunchy dirty fuzz along with the octave effect.

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    My favorite octave pedal, especially for when I play bass. This into a fuzz or RAT is IMMENSE

  5. Einard (verified owner)

    The Hypercoven is an awesome pedal to improve your arsenal. It takes any dirty/fuzz pedal/amp setting to a whole other level of filth and grime. It’s like adding seasoning and kick to any of your dirty tones. Super awesome and highly recommend this to anyone looking for that “next level” to their sound.

    I’ll also add that the pedal art and even the pink led, look awesome 😎

  6. Andy (verified owner)

    This is the peanut butter to all your fuzz pedals’ chocolate. It basically sends any fuzz signal on an epic interstellar journey like, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It’s the main ingredient for all sonic alchemists ready to travel that sapphire haze.

  7. Jeremiah Johnson

    The HyperCoven brings the DOOM! Makes your dirt pedals or amp sound even heavier. Plenty of great demos on Youtube.

  8. Michael Chalfin

    Steve at Does it Doom truly cares about the quality of these pedals and is passionate about guitar tone. These pedals won’t disappoint. Steve even answered some of my questions about setup almost immediately.

  9. Neolithicaus (verified owner)

    Here is what the HyperCoven does for me. I enjoy the octave push you get. I can bring the gain back down my pedals and amp, but keep that top end “sizzle” that is associated with amp being saturated. So you sound cranked, but at “normal” volume levels.

  10. Marc Christoforidis

    Beautifully responsive and always at the front of my chain. Makes one guitar sound like many.

  11. Carl (verified owner)

    I bought this pedal on a whim because I already have a couple of hyper fuzz pedals. When I actually started using it, I was floored at how versatile it is. It enhances all of my od, distortion, and fuzz pedals. Its now in my chain of pedals. This pedal just makes my dirt pedals sound heavier and doomier, and louder.

  12. Andrei (verified owner)

    Amazing and very unique pedal. Basically turns any pedal into an octave fuzz. The boost itself has a subtle grit to it as well which sounds very nice. I can’t think of any comparable pedal out there on the market. Solidly built, works great, sounds great!

  13. Jeff Barnes (verified owner)

    I use a Hypercoven in the chain before my Hail Satan Deluxe. There’s no octave pedal that even comes close to this thing. It takes an already excellent fuzz pedal and puts it on another level. People have cheered my soundcheck, if that gives you an idea of how truly doomly a Hypercoven will make your tone. Think along the lines of a Ram’s Head possessed by William Peter Blatty’s Legion.

  14. Derek Monaco (verified owner)

    Amazing octave pedal! This is the icing on the cake for the Unholy Trinity! Turn the fat knob to 11oclock and get a added dirty grime to your filth. Just past noon becomes a distinguishing octave blow out. Cranked is sonic annihilation. Get it and don’t sell it.

  15. Vaughn Empinado (verified owner)

    This pedal just seems to sound better the more I play around with it. Thanks Steve for making this pedal and helping me out with the questions I had, it’s much appreciated.

  16. Gert

    Hypercovern is a killer dirty octave pedal, especially into the equally fantastic Fuzzcoven – it DOOMs! Thanks Steve for all these fantastic one-knob pedals, I truly love them!

  17. Noah (verified owner)

    I gotta say, everything about this company is great. Being a pedal collector and a lover of doom metal, I was hooked instantly.

    In regards to this pedal, I’ve always had an octave-up/fuzz combo on my board. That has been replaced by this pedal feeding into my Dr.Scientist Frazz Dazzler; the sound is immense.

    Does It Doom and Steve Reis deserve the highest merits. Don’t hesitate, buy his stuff!

  18. Gianluca Becuzzi (verified owner)

    I love the one knob philosophy. This pedal perfectly represents the union of simplicity and effectiveness. Together with EQD Tentacle this is the best octaver up I know.


    This pedal is not just your average Octave Up. It’s pretty damn good on its own. Lots of tonal options for a one knob pedal. Honestly, it works awesome in front of any amp or pedal. This is one that will always be on the board!

  20. Rory Wheatley

    The hypercoven is such a useful tool, adding a gritty analog octave and pushing your signal into uncharted territories! This going into your favourite fuzz adds a whole new dimension to your sound, its built like a brick and the artwork is awesome. I love the jumbo knob too, it makes this completely controllable by feet alone! Steve had done it again, thank you for this gem and for destroying my ears!

  21. Cadaver Head

    The Hypercoven I find is a very versatile pedal. I like to run it into fuzz and distortion pedals or intro the front of a dirty amp.
    I also kinda like the pedal going into a clean amp by its self. The art work is awesome.

  22. john strobel

    Can’t add too much to the other reviews but was very pleased with this pedal. The single knob works well with any dirt pedal and so easy to adjust while playing. DID makes excellent products. this is my first DID pedal and will probably check out a few more!!

  23. Johnny Carter (verified owner)

    Every review is right. Bury me with this pedal. It’s like pedal board possession. It crawls inside every dirt box and makes them sound better. Stop thinking about it and just buy the damn thing.

  24. David (verified owner)

    The pedal is exactly what I wanted- a vintage style octave up with a blend knob to mix with fuzz and distortion. Sounds amazing, built like a tank and even had a few goodies in the box.

    Special mention to the customer service and shipping. It took the guys less than a week to ship to Scotland from NC during a public holiday here in the UK. That’s amazing. Worth every penny. I’ll definitely buy again soon.

  25. John Sell (verified owner)

    This thing makes EVERY FUZZ/DISTORTION/OD/AMP GAIN sound better. Since i got it months ago it has rarely had its purple light turned off. With it at 9-10 o clock its the perfect touch of low octave fuzz. 12 o clock and past, your literally turning any box into its own version of a SUPERFUZZ type 1. This is one pedal that will never leave my board.

  26. Jack (verified owner)

    This thing rips, I don’t know what dark gods Steve convenes with to create these pedals, but I know they shouldn’t be gazed upon by mortals

  27. Chris (verified owner)

    An excellent little piece of Doom!
    Subtle below 12 o’clock, but delivering exactly the mighty and dark sonic wizardry I was looking for. Chain: Monson Custom-Coven-DIY Rat-Hizu-DIY Booster-Micro Dark Pre-Pedal Baby-PPC412 + modded Micro Terror-2×10 bass support-> Drone heaven.
    General – Crazy fast shipping to Germany. Thanks Steve!

  28. Jonathan Matthews (verified owner)

    Sounds ridiculously nasty but the volume and low end cut I get from mine kills it’s usefulness if I want to kick it on for some nasty bits. Wish it boosted, should have just got a doomcaster

  29. Brian Tetreault (verified owner)

    Couple of years ago when Steve first announced that he was going to make & release some pedals & that his first one was going to be the Hypercoven I was looking around for a octave up pedal. Two things I was looking for in a octave up pedal was analog & simple to use. Options are somewhat limited since most octave up pedals now are digital with a few exceptions. I didn’t want the EH POG, I wanted something different, just straight up analog octave up. Started thinking about the Earthquaker Tentacle but wasn’t 100% sure about since there wasn’t at least a control for the amount of the octave effect. Low & behold Does It Doom announces their first pedal is a one knob analog octave up pedal. Exactly what I was looking and wishing for. This pedal is so cool, set the knob around 9 o’clock for a slight upper octave effect in your sound, turn the knob up to increase the effect. Here’s the fun part with a lot of dirt & gain the more you turn the knob up the more trippy sounds you can get. 2-3 o’clock you can get some 8 bit type of sounds turn the knob all the way up & you can get some ring mod sounds with your fuzz or distortion. Just a top quality simple & awesome pedal

  30. Wayne

    So far, this is the only one I have. But the quality and tone are so good that I want them all.

  31. Troy M

    I have a few pedals that gain a permanent place on my various boards and this is one of them. Been using it on everything from Doom Metal to Black Metal to Death Metal and no matter what it’s stacked with or what level it gets set to, it always adds awesomeness to sound.

    It is 100% a go to pedal and it is legit good for anything & everything.

  32. Patrick (verified owner)

    Peavey T-60: Hypercoven: Black Russian Big Muff: Orange OR120. Absolutely Murderous Tone! Do Not Hesitate To Pick This Up!

  33. DB (verified owner)

    This is a seriously clever secret weapon for any filthy dropped tuning. Makes any fuzz sound thicker and richer without having to sacrifice clarity. I don’t really use it on its own to be honest, but at the front of a chain of dirt pedals you’ll get a really excellent tone.

  34. Stephan

    If you are playing in a dropped tuning with a Fuzz pedal pushing your tone, this needs to be a part of your chain. Period!

  35. Adam

    Got mine a couple of months ago and I’ve been absolutely loving it! Sounds amazing with pretty much every other pedal I’ve paired it with. In fact that’s the only issue I’ve had so far – it just makes me want to buy loads more pedals to see how it sounds with them. Highly recommend this pedal.

  36. Chad Brack (verified owner)

    This pedal is great. I bought it because I have a Rift octave fuzz and liked the way it sounded, so I thought it would be cool to have the ability to add an octave to my other fuzz pedals. This did the trick and works exactly as it should. The volume knob is also very convenient because some pedals like more volume in the octave than others. You really can’t go wrong with the Hypercoven. It pairs well with everything and adds new layers to all your sounds. Plus, the design is stellar. The top jacks make it a breeze to mount on your board, and the knob is super easy to turn with your foot, so you can operate it completely hands-free. Does It Doom? knocked it out of the park with this design.

  37. Andrew (verified owner)

    It never leaves my board I love the extra bite it gives to certain pedals I use.

  38. Josh Holton

    This pedal is so dope. I love the simplicity of it and when you line it up proper in your chain, it adds such a wonderful tone – warm, yet grindy and fuzzy. Seriously one of my favs. Steve is a mad genius!

  39. Takumi (verified owner)

    I bought hypercoven a while ago, and since then it still living on my pedalboard. I was missing « something » in my sound that i was looking for and the hypercoven was the answer. The hidden gem for sounding unique in my opinion. The quality is amazing and you feel that Steve puts enormous effort on how the pedal is built.
    Coupling it with just a normal Proco Rat or any thing fuzz will takes the tone on another level.
    I truely love it

  40. Vaughn (verified owner)

    I love using it with a big muff style pedal. I don’t know what, but when I drone a down tuned power chord it definitely just sounds massive. The low end just harmonies perfectly along with the highs.

  41. Clouds Taste Satanic

    I don’t use a lot of pedals but the Hypercoven has become a must have. My stock tone is the gain on a Marshall JCM900 but hitting the Hypercoven on top of that in certain spots takes a song to another level. Love the added dirt and tone. Highly recommended.

  42. Matt Crump (verified owner)

    So I’ve been watching Steves tutorials on you tube which have helped/reaffirmed my playing so i thought time to invest in a pedal. This is my first and it works so well with my gear I love the tones I can get. Home set up is an orange crush 35w with a derringer fuzz pedal and Dunlop dime cry baby wah. Guitars range from b.c. rich iron bird and warlocks, Dean dimoflage and an Epiphone SG. All give something different and to me is where the pedal works using those differences between the guitars I get some real interesting tones. The pedal also looks great and is exceptionally well built. Also a hat tip for the patch’s and stickers thrown in it’s a cool touch and just adds to the “experience “ of getting one of these cool pedals. One word of caution and this isn’t Steve’s fault but for us uk buyers be aware you will get stung for customs charges. But for me it was worth the hit to get such a quality item….

  43. Edgar

    I bought this pedal not really knowing what an octave pedal does. I’m an idiot that way, I guess. Took me a bit of time to figure it out, but damn… Running a signal chain with Woodrite Warlord–>Doomcaster (4)–>Walpurgis (2)–>Hypercoven (dimed) –>Hizumitas (all knobs at noon)–>Epiphone Triggerman 60 produces the most amazing tone… just can’t get enough of it. Drop the Hypercoven out, it’s a solid fuzz tone but just not as good.

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