Woodrite Warlord

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The Warlord is an unparalleled riff weapon, with a double cut design featuring the construction, tone, balance, and sustain of a Les Paul, paired with the comfort, playability, and upper register access of an SG.

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This unique design boasts a bound mahogany body and neck, thin poly finish, ebony fingerboard, split anvil inlays, TonePros Tune-O-Matic bridge/tailpiece, and familiar control layout.

The Warlord is fitted with a set of fuzz worshipping Woodrite Barbarian humbuckers, a modern take on the classic PAF design, featuring Alnico V magnets for a clear and powerful midrange, ideal for downtuned doom metal and stoner rock.

All Woodrite Warlord Guitars are setup in C-Standard tuning with D’Addario EXL145 Strings (12-54).

Quantities are extremely limited, so don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a Warlord for $1399, a fraction of the Woodbine Custom Shop price of $4200.

Woodrite Guitars was formed in 2021 as a partnership between the Woodbine Guitars Custom Shop and Does It Doom.  The original Warlord design was a collaboration between Woodbine Guitars and Steve Reis, featuring design elements inspired by Steve’s FA Custom Shop DC-6, the SG2000, and the classic LP and SG.

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  • Body Shape – Warlord Double Cut
  • Body Orientation – Right Handed
  • Body Material – Mahogany
  • Binding – Black | White
  • Finish –  Grimmburst | Gloss White | Gloss Black
  • Clearcoat – Gloss Polyurethane | Satin


  • Material – Mahogany
  • Binding – Yes
  • Nut Width – 1.69″
  • Profile – 0.800″ at 1st Fret, 0.875″ at 12th Fret, Medium “C” profile
  • Scale Length – 24.75″
  • Fingerboard Material – Ebony
  • Inlays – Split Anvil
  • Fingerboard Radius – 12″
  • Number Of Frets – 22


  • Finish – Chrome | Gold | Black
  • Bridge – TonePros Tune-O-Matic
  • Tailpiece – TonePros Stop Bar
  • Tuning Machines – Wilkinson EZ-LOK Keystone
  • Pickguard – None
  • Pickup Rings – Cream | Black
  • Control Knobs – Black Top Hats w/ Reflectors | Black Speed Knobs
  • Switch Tip – Cream | Black
  • Jack Plate Cover – Chrome


  • Neck Pickup – Woodrite Barbarian (7.8k, A5, 42AWG)
  • Bridge Pickup – Woodrite Barbarian (13.0k, A5, 43AWG)
  • Controls – 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch


  • Tuning – C-Standard (C, F, A#, D#, G, C)
  • Strings – D’Addario EXL145 (.012, .016, .020p, .032, .042, .054)
  • Weight – Approximately 9.6lbs
  • Case – Not Included
  • Built in Indonesia by PT Wildwood (PRS, ESP)

30 reviews for Woodrite Warlord

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    It’s an absolute stunning guitar. Not only is it pretty to look at but the damn thing plays like a dream. I have several high quality guitars in my arsenal but was super excited for rehearsal day to roll around so I could break this thing in. And man does it deliver. Everything from beautiful cleans to nasty sludge riffs to monolithic doom to fast trem picking. The setup was spot on. The balance is perfect. And I love the placement of the pickup selector. Super comfortable to play. 10/10. You guys knocked it out of the park.

  2. Chuck Klee (verified owner)

    First off I just want to say that the Warlord is the ultimate weapon of sonic sorcery! I ordered a Silverburst and it is a beautifully crafted instrument with quality hardware and holds tune very well. The Barbarian pick ups have the mid bite that deliver quality definition that shape a tone that I find very pleasing and I would highly recommend this guitar to anybody looking to up their game. The fact that is comes set up for C standard tuning is very CONVENIENT and the string gauge has the right feel so that it plays fast, yet has the power and sustain required to DOOM just like advertised. Steve has really delivered and I will be on the lookout for future products as he’s the kind of person that you want to support in business, his approach and ethics are second to none!
    Does it DOOM?
    You bet it does! \m/

  3. Ryan Vickers (verified owner)

    Not TRYING to hype this thing at all, but it’s the best guitar I own. Always wanted a DC-6 in silverburst, so this was a dream come true. I play way more than just doom too. I’ve played jazz tunes on it, brutal death metal and shred, and yes of course it dooms too!

  4. Brother Of The Riff (verified owner)

    Pre-ordered the silverburst on the first run of these and was really impressed with the guitar top to bottom. Beautifully designed, and the sustain is incredible. I am able to achieve an array of tones, both clean and of course boosted with dirt/fuzz pedals. Very happy with the purchase and the very reasonable price tag.

  5. troy fazzio (verified owner)

    The Warlord guitar is fantastic,
    The build quality is amazing!
    Highly suggest picking up one of these!
    Very happy with my purchase!

  6. Ryan ODonnell

    My buddy has one of these! Def gonna be my next guitar. Could go on and on about the quality and price point. It’s an amazing deal on a super high quality weapon of destruction. Can’t put his down when we are at band practice

  7. Jake K (verified owner)

    I was fortunate enough to snag one of the Silverburst models on the first run. What an amazing guitar! Huge props to everyone involved in making this affordable version of the Warlord! I’ve always been a fan of the First Act Custom Shop DC guitars. It sounds great, plays great, and the most surprising thing for me was how well it was setup when I got it. I mainly play in C Standard and didn’t have to change a single thing. It was setup exactly how I would have set it up myself. I’ve never had that on a brand new guitar before. The Stringjoy 12-56s were a great touch and actually converted me to those strings.

  8. Brian Branson (of Amanita) (verified owner)

    Steve did all of us First Act Custom Shop DC fans a favor by teaming up with Woodbine to get these made. The more I play my Warlord the more I love it. The build quality is top notch, the set-up is spot on, the tobacco burst is just gorgeous, and the pick-ups are hotter than a $2 pistol. I was never really into playing lead until I heard the sustain and deep, luscious tone of this thing. It really sings and inspires creativity. I’ve always heard people talk about guitars where the notes “leap off the fret board” but I had never experienced it until my Warlord showed up and I jammed it into my Thunderverb. This axe certainly punches up from it’s price point. I plan to add another to my collection in the future. (And other future Woodrite models!)

  9. A Boyd (verified owner)

    I didnt really know what to expect when I ordered my Warlord. Whatever reservations I might’ve had were instantly put to rest. The craftsmanship is EXCEPTIONAL and they play phenomenally. I love mine. Ive modded the shit out of it too. Installed some Seymour Duncan P-Rails in it. This guitar can do it all, while looking totally bad ass. I hope Steve does another run.

  10. Barry Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    I remember being on the first act custom shop website. and always about to pull the trigger on the pike DC 9 or the mastodon DC 9. two insane choices. but ultimately out of my price range. but came close a few times. and was in contact with that shop. and then it was gone…. :(, and a few years later I was making better money. that’s heartache.

    and then this……….GEM! of a human being becomes the wizard of first act guitar collecting. some how starts up a guitar company bringing these guitars back to life and gets it done at a price point that makes sense…..that makes sense!.

    my warlord is the prize of my guitar collection. I’m super proud to own one from the first batch.

    maybe the stars will align and I can snag one from the second batch.

  11. Jed Marsillo

    I just got my Warlord 🤘 It got here way earlier than expected. This guitar is really great. You can definitely tell this guitar was designed for drop tunnings from top to bottom. It weighs a ton but feels really great to hold. Both pickups are super usable and sond great. Everything feels really tight and well setup. One nice thing is that the binding on the body and neck looks way better in person than the pictures. Astheticaly I really like that, it was a really nice touch of class to add. Thanks for bringing a really cool affordable axe to people. I hope more people see what your doing here and buy some guitars.

  12. John Sell

    The guitar I been dreaming about has finally arrived and it is OFF THE CHARTS….for 1500 you get a stunning axe that not only out weights most of my basses, but has a feel and sustain that just may out beat those priceless, unaffordable “G” guitars that are hanging behind glass at your nearest guitar center. Right out the box the set up is ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT for C. The neck joint is so sturdy and massive you could literally go to war with it. If you didn’t snag one, get in on the next list now…it’s well worth the wait!! Shout out to woodbine and ESPECIALLY RIFF LORD STEVE!!

  13. Scot Shoemaker

    Ever since I saw Matt Pike playing his First Act, DC-9, I have wanted one of these. I’ve hunted and hunted, and whenever I have found a first Act DC-6, it has been way out of my price range. Well, thanks to Steve at Does it Doom and the fine folks at Woodbine guitars, my dream has become a reality. The Woodrite Warlord is everything I hoped it would be. It’s a nice beefy guitar, it plays like a dream, and it looks killer. As soon as I had it out of the box, all I could do was stare at it.

    Not a single fit or finish problem. It’s everything I hoped it would be. It plays like butter. The first thing I played after getting it tuned up was a High On Fire riff. This guitar was born to DOOM!

  14. Jon Unruh

    I received both the Gold and the Silverburst yesterday, as advertised they arrived with no cases but quickly, safely and very well packaged.
    Once I got home I tuned up and ran the gold through my Orange CR120 and my Rola lead respectively with some early Melvin’s riffs.
    Let me say that these guitars are exactly as advertised, I’ve owned SG’s, Reverend Sensei’s, LTD vipers Les Paul’s etc..
    And although all of the aforementioned are great in their own respects these are a perfect blend of the LP with the SG cutaway.
    One of the things that I really enjoy other then the killer out of the box tone is the weight! At close to 10lbs it has the right amount of heaviness (pun intended) as I like a guitar with a little weight.
    I see no need to change or upgrade anything on these guitars.
    String height, Pickups and tuners are all spot on and the finish is absolutely stunning,
    Maybe the only thing I’d add is a case option, other then that this is a great guitar and I look forward to playing ‘em live!
    Thanks so much to Steve and all the Woodrite peeps involved!
    P.S sorry for any incoherence as I wrote this on a few hours sleep after attending Clutch and Helmet in Seattle!

  15. Chad Brack

    I didn’t need another guitar, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get a Warlord. Choosing the finish was a rough decision, but I ended up going with goldburst. The guitar arrived in pristine condition because the packaging was excellent. I don’t think it moved an inch during transit. Upon initial inspection, I found the fit and finish to be flawless. The gold hardware looks great and really complements the Woodrite branding on the headstock. Right out of the box, the setup was perfect. This guitar plays better than my $3k Gibson Les Paul. After spending two days with the Warlord, I have to say that it was worth every penny. It sounds great, and the sustain is incredible. I also love the frets. I’m not exactly sure what’s different about them, but they feel better than my other guitars. I’ve tried to come up with some gripes, but I simply can’t find anything to complain about. This guitar is awesome, and I’m glad I didn’t talk myself out of buying one. I’m not going to do it, but I keep eyeballing the remaining tobacco burst Warlords. If I could, I’d get the whole set.

  16. David King

    I’ll preface by saying that I I really enjoy the guitars that inspired the Warlord, I’ve been playing them for over 20 years. I’ve got two Les Paul’s (Classic and 92 Studio) and two SGs (71 and 00) as well as Dunable Yeti, and some others that are less relevant. I was skeptical of the Warlord for a variety of reasons but I bought one on a whim (that Goldburst is nuts.) So, how does it stack up? It is exactly advertised: a thick solid guitar for thick and heavy sounds. I love that there is no weight relief. Upper fret access is amazing and the pickups (my biggest concern) are both articulative and pack a nasty growl when distorted. The Warlord is its own beast. It does not feel redunant in my collection at all, it has charachter which is suprising for a gutair this affordable. I play sludge, doom and a various flavour of death metal and this can handle them all.

  17. Tom Hiley

    Excellent guitar, fit and finish is as good as or better than any Gibson or ESP (and I mean ESP) I’ve ever owned and or played, fretwork on it is amazing, which I was pleasantly surprised by because I’ve owned some really great LTD guitars that have come out of the same factory, and the attention to detail on the Woodrite Warlord blows those out of the water, the fretwork on it is as good as any of my Eastman, Shijie, or PRS, guitars, which I would consider to be the gold standard of fretwork.

    The quality of the ebony fretboard is also significantly better than recent LTDs that I’ve played out of the same factory, I don’t know if I just got lucky, or if Woodrite is using a more premium grade of ebony, but it’s fantastic.

    I will be swapping the tuners and the pickups strictly out of personal preference.

    Out of the 150+ guitars I’ve owned in my lifetime, I’ve come across 7 total that I would consider flawless in terms of build quality fit & finish (I’m not talking about quality of components) the Woodrite Warlord comes very close to being the 8th, but the nut was cut a little bit wonky, just a tad too high off the first fret on 4th and 6th strings, and misaligned, certainly not unplayable by any means, I was going to swap the nut out anyway so that I could string it with a different gauge with a wound 3rd, that is literally the only thing that separates this from getting a flawless score from me, everything else was top notch, nice to see full size pots and shielding in the cavity as well, and the tonepros bridge and tailpiece are a wonderful spec on here too.

    Can’t wait to run this through hundreds of fuzzes and Orange stacks for years to come!

  18. Chris (verified owner)

    If you are thinking about getting one of these, DO IT! You will not regret it! I just got my gold burst Warlord and it is flawless. It’s comfortable to play and it is set up perfectly. It sounds excellent though my Orange amps, my Laney, and my Katana Artist which I like to run fuzz through. It’s crushing and has sustain for days. I can’t say enough about this axe. I can’t wait to see what the crew designs next. I will 100% be buying more guitars from them in the future. The whole buying experience was top notch with no surprises. Great communication, fast shipping, packaging was exceptional. This is a business I am proud to support. You guys knocked it out of the park.

  19. Zach Januse

    There is not a single thing I would change on these . The neck profile is great and it’s very comfortable to play . The finish on this is absolutely gorgeous . The guitar is very well balance and has zero neck dive . The pickups sound great . I love how it came setup in C standard . Tuners that came with this hold drop tuning very well . Overall this is just a fantastic guitar . I couldn’t be happier with mine .

  20. Chris Nguyen

    I finally got my hands on one in silverburst. It got here in March so I had some time with it before writing a review. It’s perfect as in it exceeded my favorite expectations. It’s got good heft and it feels great in the hands straight out of the box. It also plays great after tuning. I’m glad to finally have a down tuned guitar of such high quality. Tuning stability is also great so far. QC on these are awesome. I only noticed a small ding but it’s trivial. Packaging is also awesome. Will splurge on another with a different finish if my bank account allows unless the guys have something else cool in mind for the future.

  21. Chad / Anubis1335! (verified owner)

    Picked up a gloss black. Total doom musheen. Sweet guitar. Get ya a thick padded strap. Shes heavy in all definitions of the word 🤘🏻

  22. Raven

    I have bought the gloss black and the Grimburst Warlords. These are the best electric guitars I have ever owned. I would not trade them for a more expensive guitar, you will not be disappointed.

  23. Seth C (verified owner)

    I don’t think I can praise the Warlord enough. It’s honestly the guitar I’ve always wanted, but never thought would exist!
    I have the black satin finish model and it’s just a BEAST!
    It’s beautifully balanced, it’s solid as hell and it just feels right!
    If you have the chance to get your hands around the neck of one of these…DO IT!! 🤘

  24. Edgar (verified owner)

    Picked up a silverburst Warlord almost as soon as this last run came out. Thanks YouTube algorithm!
    I had an Ibanez ARX 300 and hadn’t even picked it up in about 15 years and saw the Warlock reveal on Does it Doom? and asked myself, “Why the hell not?” It was what I needed to get back to playing.
    That said, it’s a fantastic instrument. Easy to play. Solid. Holds tuning very well. The dual humbuckers are nice pups with some good versatility. It’s an absolute beast. Get ya one, people!

  25. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    Can honestly say that this is my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned. That is until it’s little aluminum brother is born and delivered to me by the stork.

  26. Gimli (verified owner)

    This thing is a beast! I own several other high end Gibsons and this thing is equal or better in every way. I was skeptical and figured it could be a good now and again guitar, but I find myself always playin this most days. If you missed ou, be sure to get on the next batch ~ the fit and finish is amazing, as well as the playability and sound. In addition, my first one got lost in the mail, but I still had a replacement within three days of my initial order – Steve sent another as soon as it even looked weird!!! AMAZING customer service from a super solid dude! Cannot recommend enough1

  27. Scott

    I got the tobacco burst on the second run. As one of the many many people that missed out on the FAC DC-6, I’m outright grateful that Steve has brought these guitars back for the masses. It’s very similar to my ‘79 SG2000 (a $3000 beast!). Loads of weight, massive sustain. Very vintage guitar girth with a thinner, faster neck. Zero complaints on the frets. The nut is cut perfectly. GREAT design on the heel. Also the pickups do not get the credit they deserve. I can’t justify putting new ones in given how good they sound. The finish is top tier. Great inlay work.

    The tuners… well… the tuners are not so much. They stay in tune (which is really all that matters), but aren’t that smooth. But the quality otherwise at this price point does not justify knocking off a star. And I’ve been playing this thing for nearly a year and haven’t been troubled enough to replace them.

  28. Matt (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this guitar. I spent a long, long time watching Reverb for a good price on a vintage Yamaha SG and I couldn’t be happier that Steve introduced the Warlord. This guitar sounds and plays better than any other dual humbucker guitar I own – – it doesn’t just doom.

    That said, a few caveats. I want to be clear that none of these factors negatively impact my opinion of the Warlord, Woodrite, or Does it Doom. All three are fantastic.

    First, this guitar was not well set-up out of the box. For C Standard or anything else. Any time I buy a guitar online, I assume it’s going to end up on my work bench before it will really be playable.

    This isn’t a big deal to me. Shipping wreaks havoc on guitars and it is why I learned how to set up my own guitars.

    Second, the pickups are subpar. The Barbarian pickups aren’t bad, they just aren’t any better than the humbuckers that come standard in any affordable guitar (i.e., Epiphone Alinco Classics). Not a dealbreaker for me because almost always end up swapping out pickups in my guitar. On the other hand, for $1,399, a better-quality set of pickups shouldn’t be out of the question.

    Third, the wiring harness was shoddy. I did plug the guitar in as soon as it was delivered because I GOT A NEW GUITAR!!! No signal out of the bridge pickup, signal cut out in the middle position, and the neck position output was very low. I fixed all of the connections when I set the guitar up and, again, I expect that I will have to do work any guitar I buy online. But, I was disappointed that I couldn’t even get a good signal out of the guitar when it arrived.

    Finally, the tuners are cheap and don’t keep the guitar in tune. Especially if you hit your strings with any kind of force. This was probably the biggest letdown for me because high quality tuners are not that expensive. A decent set of Grovers or Klusons costs $50 and I’m sure that they’re less expensive if you buy in bulk. Frustrating that replacing the tuners was necessary on a $1,399 guitar.

    All in all, including the work and new parts I put into my Warlord, I couldn’t be happier with it. This guitar is a fucking machine that can destroy everything in its path.

  29. Ross Weiller (verified owner)

    Want to start this off by saying Steve is by far the most helpful, responsive and customer-oriented business owner I have ever dealt with. I had Dreamt of owning a DC6 for years knowing id likely never own one. Steve changed that! Once the first run Warlords were available for pre-order, I knew in my gut i had to find the cash. I was weary at first to spend that much money on a pre-order of guitars that had not hit the market yet, or that I was able to get hands on. (Not to mention I was unemployed due to covid) I pestered Steve with essay after essay of questions that looking back are hilarious given what i now know about gear, largely because of does it doom! He gave me the full confidence I would love the guitar, and it surpassed every expectation by a landslide! It led me to joining my first band 2 years later, fast forward to now, our band is opening for the Obsessed tour in april when they come to maine….!!!!! Does it doom was the spark, the warlord was the fuel! Can’t thank Steve enough, can’t wait to see what’s next!!! \m/

  30. Ursula (verified owner)

    I never review things, and I generally try not to hype up stuff that I own. With that disclaimer, let me just gush… My Warlord is such a phenomenal instrument. I’ve cycled through a lot of very nice guitars since I bought it, but I always end up playing it the most. Everything about it from the weight and balancing, the neck profile… it just feels so good to play. I also really like the sounds, but honestly it could sound like anything and I’d like it because of how good it feels.

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