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The Walpurgis Iommic Overdrive Preamp combines two legendary circuits into one unparalleled Sabbath Worship device.

Designed in collaboration with Nick Williams of Dunwich Amplification.

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Featuring an internal 36V of headroom for authentic tube-like tone and response, the Walpurgis is a JFET based emulation of the preamp section of a late ‘60s Laney Supergroup amplifier with the Worship Knob controlling the wet / dry blend of a modified Dallas Rangemaster boost.




Harness Tony Iommi’s iconic guitar tones from the 60’s, 70’s, and beyond with the turn of a single knob.

The Walpurgis can be used as an overdrive pedal into the front end of your amplifier or turn up the internal master volume trim pot to boost the output and run it as a preamp into your effects return or dedicated power amp.


Worship: Controls the wet/dry blend of the Rangemaster Boost into the Laney Supergroup Preamp. Set it at minimum to remove the boost entirely.


Use only a standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative-center barrel.  An isolated power supply is recommended.  Power supply not included.


  • One-knob Iommic Overdrive / Preamp for guitar and bass
  • Relay-based, true bypass soft switching
  • Adjustable master volume via internal trim pot (MAST)
  • Adjustable LED brightness via internal trim pot (LED BRIGHTNESS)
  • Premium components including Neutrik input/output jacks, Lumberg power jack, Laney Supergroup knob, Alpha pot, sealed relay, metal LED bezel, and mil-spec aircraft grade wire
  • Powder coated finish with clear coat and high gloss textured UV printed artwork
  • 4.75” x 2.625” x 2.375”
  • 8.8oz

50 reviews for Walpurgis

  1. Dave Gadomski

    I’ve played through many Iommi inspired pedals that utilize the Laney Supergroup+Dallas Rangemaster combo with very mixed results until now. Having played through actual Laney Supergroup amps with numerous Rangemaster style clones none of those other pedals really came close, but this one just nails it!

  2. Cadaver Head

    I have been playing around with it and man! This pedal really does sound like Tony’s tone! Especially going directly in to my audio interface with that new Laney IR cab from Two-Notes with the power amp emulation enabled. It also sounds good going into the clean channel on my Orange CR120H as well. Been playing some Sabbath riffs and It inspired me to come up with some new riffs of my own. I love the tube like response a lot. I have tried other pedals like the Fuzzcoven, Hypercoven and Fuzzlord’s Drone Master in front of it with the worship settings set min and just love how it fuzzes! This pedal has been a blast so far!

  3. Tim (verified owner)

    10/10 My favorite pedal! I have been chasing Iommi’s tone for a very long time trying a multitude of different pedals that left me unsatisfied. This pedal absolutely crushes Sabbath tone and keeps it simple with a single knob. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to take their tone to the next level!

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    This thing really delivers; it’s one of my favorite pedals I’ve ever purchased. I’ve tried a handful of other pedals that are based on amp circuits, but this one really feels like you’re playing a tube amp amp. The Sabbath tones are great and nearly sound right off the record. Cranking the knob all the way up delivers an incredible high-gain tone. Must have pedal

  5. Kenny-O aka Doomcapitan (verified owner)

    Instant riffage inspirado with this one! Started out with some Sabbath riffs, but soon ventured on writing stuff with this sound in mind! Andxthat was initial try-out session! The OD/boost combo is finely tuned and gnarly as hell, not only fir Iommiesque stuff! Great pedal!

  6. smulder (verified owner)

    Became my favorite pedal on the first session. I assumed it would be decent and worth a purchase, but was surprised how actually awesome this thing is. It’s exactly what I was always wished I had to quickly hit the perfect sabbath sound. Love the one knob too. Hell yes Steve !!

  7. Rev. Witchfinder

    If you want to go the real way in a true Iommi tone. You need to get one of these. The Walpurgis is a great great thing, even it work amazing going into the front end of a Solid State amp (like an Orange CR120H) Also it rules as for quality of construction, art, etc, etc…

  8. abram rock (verified owner)

    It’s a blessing from St. Anthony himself. An amazing sabbath tone and it makes my little bedroom rig sound monstrous.

  9. Dave A (verified owner)

    This is my fave Iommi flavored pedal period. I own the others, we all know what they are :), and while those are fine pedals this is simply spot on and waaay closer to his sound. Like plug in and instantly your riffs sound like TI. Crazy good pedal.

  10. Oscar Matthews (verified owner)

    Excellent pedal. Tried the Sabbra Cadabra and the TI Boost and this beats them both by a country mile. For a one knob pedal the versatility is ridiculous and the overdrive flavours available by using different amps is insane.

  11. Jason L Wentzel

    One of the best if not the best one knob tone circuit available. This pedal really surprised me with the responsiveness. I did have to run it slightly hotter than the recommended setting but that could just be from my signal chain. 490’s to a Hilbish (Beta Lead Clone) to a PPC 412. Again excellent pedal, excellent tones and a great value.

  12. Brian

    Honestly, the Walpurgis is my favorite pedal right now. Perfect for sabbath sounds but also very good for other vintage distortion tones. It does a great motörhead sound!

  13. Jered (Beholden to the Riff)

    The Walpurgis is a tone factory! Warm, tube-like saturation ranging from slight vintage amp breakup to MONSTROUS amounts of distortion -Absolute BEAST of a pedal!

  14. Ilias

    It’s incredible how they’ve managed to get Iommi’s tones throughout the years in this pedal, this is definitely one of my top favorite pedals of all time now. I use it as a preamp with some of my other Fuzzes. Sounds amazing with the Fuzzcoven, too. I had to get the t-shirt too, it’s just that cool.

  15. Carl Tripodi (verified owner)

    You want that vintage Tony Iommi sound in a single knob pedal, then look no further than the Walpurgis. When I received it, I couldn’t stop playing. Excellent jamming sound. I was playing along to the early Sabbath songs, and this pedal sounds exactly like Tony’s tone, I was really jaw dropping impressed. I tend to favor the lowest and 9 O’ clock settings because I favor Tony’s tone on the debut album and Paranoid. I am enjoying the hell out of this pedal, thanks Steve.

  16. Anthony Turco

    Anthony from Ampturco Guitar Werks. This pedal is by far one of my all time favorite pedals ever. This has easily put the tone in my head right to my speakers. It’s not only fantastic at giving you iommic style tones but it’s a great flavor to add to your already killer personal tone. This does exactly what I was hoping for. It adds the texture of that incredible Laney Supergroup and the Rangemaster on top. Eq wise I really like how it doesn’t get overly dark as you work your way up the knob. It maintains the perfect amount of treble and really allows you to cut through the mix without being harsh. If you are a fan of Iommi and play the guitar this is an absolute must have pedal. It has become my always on pedal. Does it Doom and Team did a fantastic job here.

    Praise Iommi

  17. Tyler Alcantar (verified owner)

    Some of the sounds I’ve wanted since my teenage years are finally mine. This pedal gives me some of the most desired and most iconic guitar tones ever recorded and I couldn’t be happier to have this amazing pedal in my arsenal. Does It Doom hits it out of the park once again. A+

  18. Jesse

    This pedal is as Iommi as it gets. I thought I had the sound nailed with my setup, until I got this. I’ve been chasing this tone since I first heard paranoid. Fucking incredible.

  19. cd_williams (verified owner)

    Absolute Sabbath Heaven!

  20. Tashi (verified owner)

    This pedal is amazing. Even though it’s one knob, the range is incredible. I am actually shocked. So happy I took a chance on this!

  21. David Kemp (verified owner)

    The Walpurgis is now my go to pedal for leads and riffs! I put in the middle for that Vol 4/Master of Reality tone. Cuts through the mix perfectly. And it looks rad in purple!

  22. John Pio Shadow of Jupiter (verified owner)

    I bought it as a gift for our guitarist, so I can’t speak from a personal usage standpoint, but all I can say is we’ve written the most killer stuff of our lives since Walpurgis has been on the pedal board. Just sayin’.

  23. Marc P

    Great pedal, love the single knob design. Press the knob and your sounding like early Toni Iommi. Playing on humbuckers sounds good, but pairing this pedal up with a P90 is the way to go.

  24. Jerred (verified owner)

    100% Iommi right when you plug in. All of Sabbath’s tone with just a slight turn of the knob and it delivers a killer attack when you bust out the ol’ Sabbath solos! Big fan of this pedal! Using this pedal with a pair of p90 pickups is absolutely wicked good!

  25. Jason (verified owner)

    Love this one knob Iommic life in a pedal! Really cool tone options just from the one knob! Also, it looks really freaking cool!

  26. Spencer (verified owner)

    Fantastic pedal! A friend bought this pedal first. When I heard his pedal, I had to get one for my own! After I got mine, another friend heard it and then he went out and got one too! Between us we have the first, second and third iterations of the Walpurgis. All versions look great, and of course they all sound great!

  27. Hannah

    The Walpurgis Iommic Overdrive is a fantastic pedal. I run my Epiphone SG into a practice amp and the Walpurgis makes it seem like its like Tony’s rig but simplified. It’s a gift almost from the Iron Man himself, Lord Iommi. Steve from Does it Doom really knows his stuff !!!!

  28. ChristopherK (verified owner)

    Killer pedal! …has been on my board since day one – Adds clarity, cut, and “oomph” to my my base tone, running it in parallel with some other less controlled dirt. 🤘💥❤

  29. Joe (verified owner)

    High quality and sounds great. I have an Epiphone SG Pro and run the pedal into a Marshall DSL40C. Great Sabbath tones with one knob. What isn’t there to like? Upon first playing it I was a little confused because I wasn’t getting much volume. Then I remembered the internal volume switch. A little tweaking of that and POW! Right in the kisser. And the case candy was awesome. I have the Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra and this is replacing it.

  30. John Howard (verified owner)

    Black Sabbath Vol 4 is my favorite sabbath album. I absolutely had to have the vol4 version of walpurgis. I love the stickers it came with as well.

  31. Brian Falcone

    I dig this pedal a ton. My only gripe with it is that it is too bright. If I use it on a clean amp I have to dump most of the treble to get a useable sound. But through a single channel high gain amp. This thing crushes! The Walpurgis is currently my all time favorite overdrive to push an amp. Also…Customer service at does it doom is incredible. I contacted them with a question and I had a reply within minutes. Thanks again!

  32. RandallDRG

    The Walpurgis Iommic Overdrive Preamp is awesome. As soon as I plugged it in to my Marshall DSL20 and hit a couple Sabbath chords on my custom guitar with just an old DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro in the bridge and a volume knob the tone was there straight away.
    I love the ease of ease and variety of tone as you turn the dial and it’s not a one trick pedal just to sound like the Master Iommi either. I have quite a few pedals but am still new to figuring out what plays well together and in what order.
    Very happy with the quality and look of the pedal and Steve @ Does it Doom provides great customer service and quick helpful answers to questions. Highly recommend his products!!

  33. JP (verified owner)

    This pedal truly nails Iommi’s tone. I’ve chased Sabbath tone for many years with mixed results. This pedal is a must have!

  34. Michael G. (verified owner)

    It does exactly what it sets out to do. I think it sounds great. It gives you that trouble boost sound without a doubt and that Laney tone too.

  35. JJ

    I found the walpurgis used on gc as well as the fuzzcoven, and the over drive he offers.

    They are really nice sounding and as simple as it gets. definately would give it a shot if ur on the fence. there is a lot of videos show casing the pedals in detail!!

  36. Shannon Mowatt (verified owner)

    The iommi pedal for sure, Steve and nick are a genius duo if you’re a Black Sabbath fan this is a must for your pedalboard!

  37. Ben (verified owner)

    Purchased this pedal for my bass. Once I dialed it in I really enjoy using it for playing Motorhead songs. I don’t play a lot of guitar but it does really well for any overdriven guitar part(was messing around with some Blackfoot riffs)Playing it through my orange ad200b.

  38. Ryan Loughridge


    First off, it nails the tone perfectly, it responds incredibly well to pick attack and the volume controls of the guitar. The single knob is straightforward enough, crank it up for more gain, dial it back for a more subtle and dynamic sound. Personally I’m addicted to tweaking pedals for a variety of sounds. The one knob thing is cool but this pedal would greatly benefit from a volume knob, needing to take the back plate off to adjust it isn’t ideal. Aside from that, it sounds incredible and the build quality is top notch.


  39. Kelly Hagerman

    Man this pedal is my go to with any rad tube amp coupled with my octave pedal It screams and rocks. The range and simplicity of one big knob is killer. I have 3 and gave one to a bro to use and he insisted on keeping it. 🤣

  40. Raven

    Beautiful art on this pedal just like all the rest with their own designs, the sound coming from this pedal screams Tony Iommi, so if you want to imitate Tony’s sound, this is the pedal for you.

  41. Greg (verified owner)

    7 stars! I’ve seen ads from Does it Doom? For a while now and once I saw the Walpurgis pedal, I wanted it. I was a bit taken aback by the price but decided to buy it anyway but it sold out. Patiently waited and got it. I really enjoy playing it. It does get me that Iommi sound. I love it. Hell I even have an Iommi inspired tattoo, so I love playing it. But there’s more. I’ve found it to be a pretty solid overdrive for non-sabbath songs. It’s fantastic. Anyone reading this and considering it, don’t hesitate. You’ll be happy

  42. Levi B. (verified owner)

    It’s Sabbath tone in a freaking pedal. What more can I say? It sounds exactly as you want it to and it looks bad ass doing it!

  43. Matt Davis (verified owner)

    Instant satisfaction with the Walpurgis.
    Clarity, tone & a gain that is usable in every position. Doesn’t matter if your pushing your already distorted amp or using the pedal on a clean amp, it’s sounds great.

  44. Sean Dunn (verified owner)

    I have the Walpurgis and man it’s an AMAZING pedal! It works best through the Laney Supergroups to extract that phenomenal Lord Iommi Sabbath tone! Greatest Iommi pedal out there!

  45. Jason Craig

    Fantastic pedal bringing in those vintage Sabbath tones and more. Used on recording my band’s most recent album and it brought in a much needed Iommic element to compliment the more blown out fuzz tones. Awesome look as well! Many thanks to Steve and all the great work he does!

  46. Dan Kosmider (verified owner)

    Yep! Sounds like Iommi! Great alone and as a boost for other pedals. I have the pink one. Not my favorite color scheme but it’s all about the tone in the end and this has it.

  47. Mike Palmer

    My first album ever was Paranoid on cassette. My guitar teacher and I are tone connoisseurs and clearly Iommi is a mainstay of our lessons. This is the first single knob pedal I have ever owned and I absolutely love it. From the amazing aesthetic to teaching me what Walpurgis actually means it’s a staple of my playing and a go to for Doom tones. Thanks for being awesome and truly In Iommi We Trust!

  48. Dustin (verified owner)

    I own the Doomcaster & while I thought that particular pedal was average as far as functionality, I really enjoy the Walpurgis. It has a little more push than the Laney Black Country TI-Boost. There’s a little more tonal variety but the drive is subtle & mild IMO. The Walpurgis provides more sonic scream as far as how the distortion is voiced. Plus you can’t beat those D.I.D. graphics on the enclosure or casing of the pedal. Steve also includes killer decal stickers & patches. I totally dig this pedal for those Sabbath like tones but also how it helped create tones of my own in conjunction with all my other pedals. You have to realize some pedals don’t necessarily play well with others just because you simply hook up the side input jacks. With these pedals they can only better your tone as they blend & mix well with other pedals especially fuzz pedals. I highly recommend buying this particular pedal.

  49. Reed (verified owner)

    I got my Walpurgis this morning and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces. I’ve owned a Catalinbread Sabra Cadabra pedal for several years, which is a different take on essentially the same idea, so I was curious to see how they would compare. The Walpurgis has a fixed preamp sound, and then you adjust the amount of treble boost. The SC has adjustable tone, volume, and gain, with a fixed amount of boost, but you can adjust which frequencies are being boosted. It never sounds ‘right’ to me unless you have it set to strictly boost the treble frequencies.

    Well, they are indeed ‘similar’. Sort of. You can tweak the nobs on the SC to get a similar tone to the Walpurgis, but at that volume level the Catalinbread pedal had significantly more noise, and there is a lot more distortion to the sound. The Walpurgis is both quieter and clearer. The Walpurgis, to my ear, is absolutely the better pedal for the Ozzy era Sabbath sound. Now, I think that the SC is arguably a closer match for the Dio era Sabbath sound when Tony was using much higher gain (I’m just going off the album tone). The Catalinbread pedal will nail the Mob Rules or Dehumanizer tone. HOWEVER! And this is an important however – to my ears the Walpurgis is simply a better sounding pedal. It is not harsh, and simply sounds fantastic across the entire frequency spectrum. It sounds particularly good on the low end, but I play in standard or Eb most of the time, so I’m not overly concerned about the bass frequencies.

    Just for fun, I also have a Laney Black Country Customs Tony Iommi Boost pedal. If you set it as a pure treble boost (drive all the way down, bass all the way down, volume and treble all the way up), turn the Walpurgis worship nob to zero and hit it with the TI boost… um, it sounds very similar to simply running the worship nob at 10. It adds a little extra volume, so it makes a nice solo boost.

    Everyone always loves their newest pedal. However, this is easily my favorite pedal that I’ve purchased. I felt like a teenager again playing through this thing. Oh, it also nails a great grunge sound if you’re into Alice In Chains or Soundgarden. I feel like there is probably some crossover in the doom and grunge scenes.

  50. Chad Bailey

    Can’t rate this pedal high enough! It’s literally a clone of Iommi’s tone. The way it responds to playing technique, volume and tone adjustment is unbelievable; it goes beyond being “amp-like”. Blind taste-test with band mates thought I bought a new amp. Running this through a Seymour Duncan powerstage 200 and it just RIPS!!! It seems to especially love my SG special

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