Getting Started With Doom Metal Guitar

“So where do I start?”  

That’s a question I get asked a lot.  

Whether it’s from people who just joined our Patreon Membership program, or from folks just discovering the YouTube channel and doom metal for the first time, knowing where to start is tough.  

Yet my answer is always the same….


If you’re just getting into doom metal and looking to start learning a few great songs, Windhand is always where I suggest people start. 

Now why might that be?

Here are a few reasons:

The Tuning

Windhand play in C-Standard tuning.  If you’re just getting into downtuned guitar, you’re going to find a huge segment of the doom genre focused in and around this tuning.  That includes bands like Sleep, Kyuss, High on Fire, EYEHATEGOD, Church of Misery, and more.  It’s just a great tuning to work with and usually allows you to float up to C# Standard or down to B-Standard without much trouble. 

The Riffs  

Windhand riffs tend to be incredibly heavy yet easy to play, not to mention they feature some of the most commonly used scales in doom: minor pentatonic, blues, phrygian, and harmonic minor. 

The Tone

Garrett’s SG into Matamp GT120 tone is GOD-TIER and has featured some classic distortion and fuzz pedals throughout the years, including the ProCo Rat, the Op-Amp Little Big Muff, and the Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff.

So if you’re wondering where to start, you can find complete guitar lesson videos and guitar / bass TABS for some Windhand classics up on the site

That includes:
Two Urns
Forest Clouds

And just this afternoon I dropped a brand new guitar, bass, and drum TAB for Cassock

If you’d like to see a complete video lesson for Cassock, drop a comment below and let me know.

In Iommi We Trust,


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